Past Life - Soul Plan Readings

In these readings, you will receive insights about your life from a higher perspective in understanding your life path from your soul's "eyes."  

When we are able to see from the compassionate eyes of our soul, our challenges and life experience's offer us an invitation to evolve and grow moving through the "mystery" of why we are here.

This understanding brings insights gained about your life from a higher perspective.  Being able to release "victim consciousness" and limiting beliefs not only about yourself, but your family and friends as well.

You will learn about the gifts that you bring forward in this life in your soul's highest perspective.

This Reading can be life changing as to how you look at your life as well as the lives of those around you allowing you to release judgement and criticism.  Everything makes more sense and we understand that all our challenges, trials and difficulties are powerful opportunities for growth, healing & joy.

"Sorrows gather around great souls as storms do around mountains; but like them, they purify the air of the plain beneath them." -Jean Paul

Please note the minimum time for a past life reading is 30 min. due the amount of information that comes through.

Preparation for a Reading

*Please come in a "clear" for these sessions.  Please no drugs or alcohol use prior to your reading.

* Do come in with an open mind and an open heart for a more fulfilling reading.

Benefits from a Past Life/Soul Plan Meeting

*Comfort and understanding about why difficulties and challenges are in our lives.

*Learning about the "roles" that people have played in our lives.

*Healing the past and understanding the present.

*Understanding the Energy of your Soul!



Angel Guide Readings with Certified Medium, Lori Haynes

Angel Guide Readings with Certified Medium, Lori Haynes

Lori Haynes

Certified Medium

"I began my Spiritual journey in 1999, when my Guardian Angel, Seraphiel, introduced himself to me.  I am a Healer, Certified Medium, Psychic, Artist, Mother & Grandmother.  My joy in Mediumship is being a "Bridge of Love and Healing" for Spirit to loved ones here on the Earth plane!  I am committed to service, and am so happy to be embraced by my Spiritual Family at Tangled roots Herbal.  I am available for private and group readings, as well as sacred space design & energy healing with a personal touch!"

To book an appointment contact Tangled Roots Herbal (603) 864-8578.