Chocolate Bliss Bites Recipe

Bliss Bites are high in Fiber and protein.  They help to support the nervous system and aid in exhausted adrenals!  They also help to enhance strong digestion.  They provide excellent support for the digestive tract, liver, kidneys and blood!  And while they should not replace a meal they can definitely replace that candy bar craving!! 


  • 1 cup raw sunflower seeds
  • 1/2 cup quick-cooking oatmeal
  • 1 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1/4 cup carob powder*
  • 1/4 cup powdered cacao*
  • 1 tablespoon bee pollen*
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried cinnamon*
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried cardamon*
  • 1/2 teaspoon powdered ginger*
  •  1/2 raisens
  • 2 tablespoons almond butter
  • 1/2 cup honey or maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

* items are products we carry and can be purchased by the ounce.

In a large bowl mix cup sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, oatmeal, carob powder, bee pollen, cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, and raisins.  In a separate bowl combine honey (or maple syrup) almond butter and vanilla.  Then mix your wet and dry ingredients together and stir until well mixed.  Form 1/2" diameter size balls with your hands.  Refrigerate.  These will last in the fridge for up to 2 weeks!


Recipe is Courtesy of Master Herbalist & Author Brigitte Mars.


What is Calendula All About Anyway?


January is cold and dry, and your skin takes the brunt of the damage. Flaky, chalky, itchy skin is the norm, especially up here in New Hampshire, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A simple, yet fabulous, form of self-care is skin care, specifically daily oiling. Applying oil regularly helps protect and moisturize, and infusing that oil with certain herbs will give your whole body that extra boost.

One of the most common herbs used in beauty and skin care products today is Calendula (Calendula officinalis). Calendula is royalty when it comes to taking care of your skin. It’s hydrating, its soothing, and it can help speed the healing of all sorts of wounds and rashes. The best part is it’s generally safe to use on the whole family! (Always test for individual allergies, of course.)


When I’m feeling a little dry and need to show a little more self-care, I whip up this hydrating body oil to use before I shower. It seems counter-intuitive, but applying the oil BEFORE you shower can actually help protect your skin! The mix is also great as a bath salt, for when you just need a little soak. (And its so pretty!) Calendula is a primary ingredient in my skin care oil with my massage clients as well. It’s gentle yet healing, and so relaxing!

All the ingredients you’ll need for this DIY body oil can be purchased in the shop, and the tools should be things you have lying around the house. Since Calendula is one of our Herbs of the Month, it’s on sale for 25% off all month long! (January 2018)

There are a few different ways to infuse herbs into your oil, and most people are familiar with the solar infusion – add herbs and oil to a jar and let it sit in a sunny windowsill for a while. While this is a great, reliable method, it’s not so helpful if you need the oil now. That’s why I love to drag out my crock pot and simmer the oils. It’s a quicker, yet still gentle, method of infusion that produces an infused oil you can use that same day!  

The oil should last 6 months if stored away from heat, so don’t keep it near your stove or in the bathroom. If any plant material gets left behind in the oil, it can go rancid quicker, so always check it before use.  Learn how a  Reiki Massage with Calendula Oil  or a Lymphatic Massage with Anglea can boost your health!

Calming Calendula Body Oil

2 parts Calendula
1 part Lavender buds
1 part Jasmine buds (rose petals also work great here)
Olive oil

Calendula Body Oil

2 clean, dry mason jars
Cheesecloth or loose weave muslin
A fine mesh strainer
Crock pot

Step 1: Fill your jar with the dried herbs, about two thirds of the way full.

Step 2: Cover the herbs with oil and fill until almost at the top of the jar. Take a wooden skewer stick and gently stab and stir at the mixture to get out a lot of the hidden air bubbles. Seal the jar tightly.

Step 3: Place a kitchen towel in the bottom of your crock pot and fill about halfway with water. Put the mason jar in the crock pot, and add additional water until the jar is mostly submerged.

Step 4: Turn your crock pot heat on low and let the jar sit for 3-4 hours. Keep an eye on the water level and fill up as needed.

Step 5: Take the jar out of the crock pot and let cool a bit. Line the mesh strainer with the cheesecloth or muslin and strain the oil into a new jar. Do this a few times if necessary to remove all the plant matter from the oil.

Step 6: Label with date made & ingredients, and enjoy!

Foot Cleansing Rituals

Our feet take us everywhere.  Really take a moment to sit and think about the many places your feet have taken you in your lifetime.  WOW!  It is powerful when we think about the responsibility of our feet in this way.  Make sure to take time to honor and appreciate them for their many experiences in your life; past, present and future!
— Sheryl Burns


Our feet walk the earth but are usually not attended to in reverence to their work.

ionic foot detox

In most contemporary cultures, where there aren't many opportunities to go barefoot, few acts are as intimate as touching the feet of another person. Our feet are our primary means of connecting with the earth, yet they usually remain confined in shoes or sandals. Cleansing the feet of a friend or loved one is a sign of trust, closeness, and openness. Cleansing your own feet can be a relaxing interlude that can help you feel refreshed. Foot cleansing also has become a popular stress reliever and beautification ritual. 

Ritual foot cleansing has a long and intricate history involving many methods and motivations. It has been used as an initiation, a welcoming gesture, a purification ceremony, and as a means to demonstrate humbleness. Cleansing ceremonies involving the feet are performed in many different parts of the world. In many cases, the meaning of the ritual was twofold. It was a way of cleaning a guest's feet before entering a home and a sign of hospitality. In Buddhism, clean water mixed with sandalwood to clean the feet is one of the eight typical offerings. By cleansing the feet of an enlightened being, it is possible to cleanse one's own karma. 

You can perform a foot washing ritual on yourself or a companion as a ceremonial activity or as a way to unwind. You may want to start by trying a traditional ritual, or you might feel comfortable inventing your own. Try mixing elements like traditional flower infused water with something more modern like a sugar scrub. Take the time to set your intention for the foot washing ritual. Perhaps you would like to cleanse away old energies in your life so you may step freely toward your future. Or, maybe soaking your feet in warm water will help you relax after a long day at work. Remember to thank your feet for their support. Whether done with pleasure or as an offering, a foot cleansing ritual is a sacred act that honors the divine in you and others. 

Eupterrae - A Positive Impact Company

Aromatherapy Diffusers
So many companies we work with are doing great things to repair our earth and our community! I wanted to highlight one of my favorite products and the awesome things they are doing to clean up the environment with every aromatherapy diffuser necklace purchased! Support the companies that are actively participating to improve the community and save the world!”
— Sheryl Burns

Eupterrae is dedicated to environmental stewardship, they aim to educate every Eupterrae consumer on the incredible impact they can have. At present, the world's ecosystems are rapidly depleting, leading to widespread famine and poverty. Now more than ever, we need to take action to combat this ever-growing problem. What has occurred in the past cannot be changed, but this does not mean we don't have the ability to positively affect what will happen in the future. By promoting conservation through therapeutic jewelry, each piece is not only a tool for restorative medicine, but for restoration in our world as well.



Restoring our world, one acre at a time.


Focusing on handmade and fair traded goods, each mastercraft piece promotes economic opportunities to craftsman and artisans as well as conservation and sustainability efforts worldwide.

Focusing on handmade and fair traded goods, each mastercraft piece promotes economic opportunities to craftsman and artisans as well as conservation and sustainability efforts worldwide.

Environmental stewardship - ensuring that eupterrae is both socially and environmentally responsible, extending both to our production and the not-for-profits we support.

We believe in giving back to our planet and our communities. Our manufacturing practices focus on handmade and fair traded goods, as well as the use of quality sustainable materials.  Also, a portion of every item purchased goes to saving one acre of land or sea through each of the organizations we work with:

Conservation International. 

For nearly 30 years, Conservation International (CI) has been protecting nature for the benefit of al.
We know that human beings are totally dependent on nature — and that by saving nature, we’re saving ourselves. To that end, CI is helping to build a healthier, more prosperous and more productive planet.
We do this through science, policy, and partnerships with countries, communities and companies. We employ more than 1,000 people and work with more than 2,000 partners in 30 countries. Over the years, CI has helped support 1,200 protected areas and interventions across 77 countries, safeguarding more than 601 million hectares of land, marine, and coastal areas.

For more on their mission and projects, check them out here.

Sea Vision Foundation. World-renown marine biology artist Christian Riese Lassen, a concerned environmentalist, founded Sea Vision in 1990. The Mission of this foundation is to protect and preserve the oceans, its sea life and ecosystems and to raise awareness for the preservation of the world’s environments.  Raised in Hawaii on the island of Maui, Lassen is incredibly passionate about protecting the magnificence of the sea and its infinite diversity of expression.

“It is my hope that my artwork allows people to feel closer to nature.  I want to communicate the beauty of unspoiled oceans and land and express my respect for the many creatures living in the sea environment.  All of my inspiration for my marine life paintings come from direct experience.  I have always lived and played in the ocean since a small child and it has been the biggest influence on my life.  Because of my love of surfing, it has brought me to various parts of the world to experience and appreciate the fragile balance of many different marine environments.  I have gained so much from the ocean and without my connection to it, I would have never found my true calling or become an international artist.  I wanted to give back to the ocean that has given so much to me and so I started Sea Vision.” - Christian Riese Lassen

In 1998, the United Nations asked Mr. Lassen to create an above-and-below Marine painting "Sanctuary," for the United Nations commemorative stamp for ocean preservation. Christian was honored as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for 1998's International Year of the Ocean, and as a featured speaker for them at major environmental events around the world.


We are a tribe of nature lovers. Inspiring our generation to adopt a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle. Check out our Facebook page or Instagram channel for all kinds of nature love and inspiration. As a growing community, there is much we could do!

*from Eupterrae Website


How Crystal Energy Works

Crystal Energy

Crystals and gemstones are living formations that have been growing in our earth since the beginning of time.  Considered highly sacred and powerful, these beings have been used since the dawn of ancient civilization.  These ancient crystals have been used as encoded tablature by the lemurian civilization which dates back 30,000 years.  Crystals then and crystals now are used as aids in physical, emotional, spiritual healing, spirit contact, psychic development, holistic healing, and a vast array of much more.  In working with crystals, you embark on a journey of rediscovering and healing your true, inner self. 

Crystal Healing Energy

In the Metaphysical world of gemstones, it is said that Crystals can transform us. It is true that we can find some wonderful Natural healing properties among the stones we find. But how can we determine what stones should be used for a particular ailment or condition?   Which gems are better for physical healing, and which are better used for Spiritual, vibrational and psychic situations?

Some find it fairly easy to make this determination, by the use of color and type.  For instance, green gems are primarily used for regeneration and healing, while white stones are more etheric in nature and can be beneficial for Spirit work.  I find when choosing only colored gemstonesto be highly useful for Color association therapy, (as mentioned above), or especially effective when treating the first 7 Chakras each color associated , but generally color therapy is somewhat simplified andtherefor I truly look at the stones, gems, or crystals PROPERTIES, along with color or type, and make my determination for usage. 

There are different types of stones, gems and crystals, and they  all work in different ways.  Tumbled stones and small natural crystals are most often available to us.  They can be found in a wide variety of minerals and are easy to carry and use.  Larger clusters of minerals are very useful for charging and cleansing of other gems and Magickal jewelry.  The larger single hand held Crystals and wands are wonderful for meditation and for directional healing of specific body parts and systems.

Usually, we are drawn to a particular stone for our own personal reasons
and they become vital to our healing practices. It is said each crystal you find yourself drawn to own had been waiting precisely just for you.  We may choose to wear a particular gem as an adornment in a piece of Magickal jewelry so that we may take advantage of it's energies and
healing power on a regular basis.

Because all gemstones come from Mother Earth , each one is naturally
fully charged with her powerful energies!  Since the Earth is about 4.6 Billion years old, it is possible that through erosion, wind, water and all the other forces of Nature, the small stone you wear or carry for healing, may be millions of years old!!!

In the case of Crystals however, they can only form from a gas or liquid
solution and therefore are different than stone and rock.  For this reason, crystals heal in a more complex fashion than Natural stones.  They may have inclusions, crystals within crystals, shadows and light, and even
other minerals growing inside of them.  Crystals are unique, in that they have extra electrons that are stored within them from the creation of their lattice, or structure.  It is these electrons that enable Crystals to become transducers, or in other words, they are able to change one form or energy into another!

To demonstrate this electrical energy, you can rub two small pieces of
 Quartz together in a dark room and they will show what is called, 

Even a sugar cube (with a crystal structure) , that is crushed in darkness
will display flashes of green light!!!  This is called 'piezoelectricity' and it represents a large electrical current that is generated within the crystal itself due to a deformity in the lattice structure of the Crystal.


They are the most organized and stable matter in the Universe and once a Crystal is formed it can remain unchanged for millions of years!

The proof that Crystal Healing can be beneficial, is not some trick that needs to be performed, but instead, lies deep within the Crystal itself!  
For when a Crystal becomes subjected to extreme conditions of heat and pressure, it not only alters its form, but may  transform itself into another mineral altogether! Indeed this awesome Natural energy can enable us to grow if used wisely.  It is a force that we can harness and use to transform ourselves!  It is the power of Crystal Healing!

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Healing with crystals is something everyone can do.  It's convenient, easy, and inexpensive.  In simple terms, here's how it works:

Energy is the essence of the human body.  Each type of crystal vibrates to its own specific type of energy.  When you work with crystals, the energy of the stone actually blends with your own energy, thereby transforming and/or amplifying your vibrational frequency or the energy within your body.  In turn, crystals help to rebalance and re-energize your body on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Each type of crystal radiates a certain type of energy, which corresponds to and works with the energies present in specific physical and/or emotional areas of your self.   Each of our crystal products come with complete description cards that include the stone's name and its healing properties.

As far as effectively working with crystals, you simply need to be around them.  That's it!  Of course, there are techniques and exercises you can do to enhance the healing effects of your crystals, but it truly is as simple as holding one in your hand, or placing one on your nightstand.  With every crystal purchase, we include instructions on a common technique known as "programming."

The most important thing you'll want to keep in mind is that, every now and then, your crystals should be cleansed.  This is because, in addition to radiating healing energy, crystals also absorb our negative energies.  Over time, and especially after a major healing session, your crystals can absorb so much negative energy that they actually become blocked.  This blockage weakens the crystal's natural healing effect.  Cleansing helps the crystal release the negative energy, thereby recharging the stone and increasing its healing power.

I am becoming more and more attuned to using crystals throughout our home, for healing's and for charging various herbal formulas and it truly is amazing the energy they gift us when we work with them.  I add crystals to all of my potted plants in our home and I have noticed a huge difference in their growth and overall health.  That was science enough for me!  
If you are interested in learning more, Cheryl Labrie is offering a wonderful class on Crystals.  You can find more information HERE
Sheryl Burns


Intuitive Meaning of a Full Pink Moon

This month’s full moon, known as the pink moon, will not be as spectacular as the prior super-moon. It will appear on April 11. 2017.  In fact, it’s just the opposite. This time around, the moon will be furthest from the earth, making the moon appear much smaller.

Photo by Rennett Stowe from USA (Pink Moon) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Rennett Stowe from USA (Pink Moon) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Why is it called a pink moon?

Why of course it’s spring! The name “pink moon” is a native name, derived from the early pink blooms of phlox. Other names for the april full moon include egg moon and sprouting grass moon. Does the moon actually appear pink? Not really, same as a blue moon isn’t really blue.

Is the moon masculine or feminine?

Language has developed with assignment of gender to objects. The German language, and even the ancient Sanskrit language associate the sun with feminine, and the moon with masculine. But english sways toward the french interpretation, stating the moon is feminine, while the sun is masculine. The french interpretation does seem to make more sense, with the moon associated to cycles. The cloaking of the moon by moon phases and eclipses also ties in to mystical, inward, and intuitive meaning.

A moon is a moon, but like any other object in (or near) this world, people have studied and analyzed, and assigned symbolic meaning to the moon. Here are some of the symbolic meanings associated with the moon:

  • Cycles: birth through death (waxing and waning)
  • Immortality
  • Reflection
  • Symbol of the soul (astrology)
  • Man’s ability to adapt (horoscope)
  • Inner intuitive self
  • Yin side of Yin and Yang (relationship)
  • Time “for days, and years” (Bible)

Full Pink moon and intuitive meaning

You can look at most everything around you and find some level of intuitive meaning. Today let’s delve into the intuitive meaning of a full pink moon. These ideas are all thoughts that you can use in meditation, or for personal acknowledgement of your accomplishments.

  • Give attention to both your “full moon” moments, when you are bright and shining, and also the many phases that lead to and follow your full moon moments. Not every day (or night) is bright and shiny. Some accomplishments are simple, quiet, and may go unnoticed. Routine may seem boring, but each step can be an important step in achieving success. Celebrate it all, both your full moon moments and all the steps you’ve taken to support who you are today.
  • Focus on the silence, the night, and the time you are given to rejuvenate. We know the importance of sleep. What about rejuvenation during your waking hours. How do you give rest and replenishing for the body, emotion, mind, and spirit? Give each of these levels a gift of awareness and appreciation. “Here, this is for you. Thank you, I love you.”
  • Remember that the moon cycle is the most natural symbol of the passage of time. We are blessed with our ability to remember and ability to plan for the future. Take a moment to recall your focus back to the present moment. You can add a blessing as you regroup your attention and energy: “I give thanks for every moment, and dedicate my soul to making every moment count”.

Enjoy your pink moon, and joining in the celebration!

Photo by Rennett Stowe from USA (Pink Moon) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Eating for the Season - SPRING

I am a big fan of eating for the Season.  I think the earth provides exactly what we need and when we need it.  I believe our bodies need certain foods at certain times of the year for optimal function.  Some of the symptoms we may experience when we are not eating in season are: sluggishness, fatigue, depression, disruption in sleep, decreased memory function and anxiety.  Take a look at this fabulous article to learn more about why Eating Seasonally is so important.

Sheryl Burns

Until recently, most people adapted their diets throughout the year according to what foods were available locally. Today, we don’t need to pay as much attention to what’s available where we live because we have refrigerated trucks and giant supermarkets stocked with fresh foods from all over the world.

However, there are many reasons to choose seasonal foods. Eating seasonally helps you eat healthier, more nutritious food, and be more in sync with the natural world. Seasonal eating is also usually better for the environment than the standard American diet, because foods grown locally require less energy and resources to produce and transport. Moreover, eating seasonally helps support the local or regional economy.

Even with all the benefits, adopting a diet that more closely reflects the seasons can be a challenge when imported strawberries and cucumbers are available year-round at the grocery store. Don’t worry: you don’t need to eschew all of your favorite imported or exotic foods (we’re looking at you, coffee!). Even a modest transition to more local and seasonal foods has a positive impact on the planet and offers personal perks. Read on to discover why you may want to eat season by season, and learn some simple and delicious ways to do it.

Health Reasons to Eat More Seasonally

We’ve become accustomed to the idea that being healthy means ingesting green smoothies and leafy green salads year-round, even if the ingredients are grown on another continent. However, there are health advantages to sourcing food as locally as possible and adapting our diets throughout the year to reflect local seasons. That’s because the foods in season within your own region help your body adapt to the environment.

Consider these examples. Wild spring greens, such as nettles, help the body fend off spring’s seasonal allergies. Fifty-eight percent of participants in a randomized, double-blind study reported that nettles were as effective as allergy medication. , Juicy summer fruits give us energy and fluids for long, hot days and provide a boost of antioxidants to help the body deal with the damaging effects of sunshine. Autumn’s squash and root vegetables are loaded with beta-carotene, a nutrient that supports the immune system at a time of year when most of us can benefit from extra immune support. And fish, a widely available winter food source in many northern climates, is packed with vitamin D and omega 3s, which help prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder.

It may seem counterintuitive, but eating seasonally also encourages people to eat a wider variety of nutritious foods. Although there are 80,000 edible plant species, very few are included in the modern, industrialized diet. Globally, only 30 plant species make up 95 percent of the calories people eat.

And within those 30 species, we eat far fewer varieties of vegetables and fruits than people did even 100 years ago. That’s because our industrial agricultural system relies primarily on fruit and vegetable types that produce large yields and hold up well during long-distance transport and long-term storage. These are not necessarily the most nutritious types.

Because farmers grow fewer types of crops today, the genetic diversity of our food supply is plummeting, too. In 1903, commercial seed growers offered 497 different types of lettuce. In 1983, only 36 of those lettuce types were available in the National Seed Storage Laboratory (now the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation).  Moreover, these crops lose nutrition during long-distance transport and storage, even when temperature and humidity are carefully controlled.

For this and other reasons, the nutrients in crops have declined dramatically. One study concluded we’d have to eat eight oranges to get the same amount of vitamin A our grandparents got from eating one.

Getting more produce from local sources is an excellent way to eat a more diverse range of nutritious crops because home gardeners and small farmers can select fruit and vegetable types based on optimum nutrient content, rather than just storage needs. Moreover, foods grown close to home typically retain the most nutrients because they’re handled minimally and eaten quickly after harvest.

Other Reasons to Eat More Seasonally

The farm-to-table movement took off for a reason. Seasonal produce is nearly always more flavorful than produce that’s shipped long distances. Small, local farmers can make flavor a high priority when deciding which vegetable and fruit varieties to grow. And the shorter distance to market means more flavor: anyone who’s eaten a store-bought tomato in January and a sun-ripened one in August has tasted the difference.

Eating seasonally can also be more affordable than relying exclusively on the grocery store. After all, you may be able to find seasonal food growing near you for free, sometimes in abundant quantities. Many people don’t take advantage of all of the free food available, and a lot of good fruit rots on the ground. If you’re willing to do some harvesting and learn some simple preservation methods, you’ll find no shortage of free food. Visit to find a map of nearby unpicked fruit trees available for foragers.

Purchasing the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious food available is also relatively inexpensive at farm stands and farmers’ markets. Farmers' markets sometimes get a bad rap as being elitist and expensive. However, in studies done in four different regions, the produce at farmers' markets was the same price or less expensive than it was in grocery stores. In a 2010 Vermont study comparing prices of a handful of produce at 10 farmers' markets with the same handful in 10 grocery stores, the organic produce at farmers' markets was 40 percent less expensive than comparable organic produce at the grocery store.

And when you buy food locally, more of your dollars stay in your community. According to the Farmers' Market Coalition, for every $100 you spend at a farmers' market, $62 remain in your local economy and $99 remain in your state.

Seasonal Eating

How to Eat More Seasonally

It’s relatively easy to add more seasonal foods to your diet by finding out what’s in season where you live and including those ingredients in your meals. Visit for a list of foods available near you during any season.

Here are some additional ways to eat more seasonally:

Food doesn’t get more local or seasonal than when it grows in your backyard. Even growing a small amount of food gets you in touch with the changing seasons. And gardening doesn’t have to end when the weather cools. You can grow cool-season crops in many climates by installing simple protection devices, such as hoop tunnels or cold frames.

Farmers' markets, Community Supported Agriculture programs, and meat and dairy shares are excellent ways to get to know farmers, connect to where your food comes from, and naturally evolve your diet throughout the seasons.

Want buckets of berries or fruit for a fraction of the typical grocery store cost? Visit to find a nearby U-pick farm where you can harvest fruit yourself and pay by the pound. You’ll get to know different fruit seasons well; you may even count down the days to blueberry season.

Foraging doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. From wild berries to fresh dandelion greens, food grows all around us. Find a local foraging class and invest in a field guide, such as Steve Brill’s Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants, to start learning about wild food sources. If you’re so inclined, hunting is another way to eat locally.

Fortunately, more restaurants and food companies are dedicated to sourcing foods locally and seasonally. However, most don’t. Cooking is the best way to take advantage of the bounty of seasonal food. When you use fresh, seasonal ingredients, you’ll be amazed at how delicious homemade meals taste.

What to Eat When

Different cooking methods are appropriate in different seasons. For instance, raw salads make more sense in summer than winter. Rely more on warming food preparation methods in cold months and cooling methods in warm months.

Cooking methods, ranging from warming to cooling, include:

  • Deep frying
  • Roasting
  • Baking
  • Sautéing
  • Pressure cooking
  • Simmering
  • Steaming
  • Fermenting
  • Marinating
  • Sprouting
  • Serving raw

Seasonal eating doesn’t mean only eating what’s growing outside at a certain time. People around the world have been using methods to preserve crops for thousands of years. By freezing, dehydrating, and storing crops in proper conditions, you can eat local food for several months after harvest without investing in a root cellar or canning equipment. Many crops, such as nuts, winter squash, beans, onions, garlic, and potatoes, can simply be stored in jars or ventilated boxes in a cold basement or unheated room.  Ambitious preservers may want to investigate other methods, including canning, smoking, dry salting, pickling, and fermenting.

  1. Garden

  2. Shop at the farmers' market, join a CSA, or buy a farm share

  3. Visit U-pick farms

  4. Forage

  5. Learn to cook seasonally

  6. Learn simple preservation methods

Resources for Eating Seasonally

Give it A Try!

Eating seasonally was probably intuitive for our ancestors. But it doesn’t come naturally to most of us because we didn’t grow up doing it. At first, it may require research and conscious effort. However, as with any dietary change, tastes usually adjust quickly. You may soon find yourself craving what’s in season.

Remember, you don’t need to adopt a 100-mile diet or give up the foods you love to benefit from seasonal eating. Simply knowing what’s in season and planning some of your meals accordingly benefits you, your local community, and the planet.

Seasonal Food Chart


Abby Quillen is a writer and gardener who has written for a number of publications and penned her own book titled “The Garden of Dead Dreams.” When she’s not writing or working on her website,, she enjoys gardening, walking and bike riding, and jotting down the cute things her children say.

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PUBLISHED ON July 12, 2016

The Season to Thrive

I love this article by VibesUp. Most of you know how much I respect their products. This gives you an idea of the owners beautiful energy. I encourage all of you to keep your vibrations high as we move into Spring! We can all do this by joining groups where we connect with others. Make sure the groups you are involved with are in alignment with your energies or higher. Don’t allow lower vibrations to consume you. Rather, recognize them and choose a higher frequency for yourself. Make sure to get involved with charities that touch your heart and make a difference, make a point to do things that fill your heart with gardening, knitting, reading, hiking, etc. We are all moving into a beautiful, higher vibration, stay in tune!”
— Sheryl Burns

I have come to the conclusion that at THIS TIME on this planet we are not here to suffer but rather it is the season to THRIVE.
From my studies of Nature, the mayan Calendar, the cycles of the planet and the current vibration of the earth, the Shueman resonance or heartbeat of the planet is CURRENTLY FAST, which is creating a high frequency.

In a lower energy things are thick and dense and slow, life is harder. In a higher energy frequency, things are smooth, light, transparent and fast. We have more energy to activate more of our brain and life expectancy. We are in the cycle or season to THRIVE.

... which means if our planet is vibrating high and we are vibrating low there is friction and it can become increasingly uncomfortable. The more we become a match for the currently frequency the more we can ride the wave of thriving and use this energy for expanding into the amazing being that we are, activating much more of our dormant abilities and wisdom.

THRIVE IS A CHOICE AWAY. With this in mind I encourage you to make a conscious commitment to making choices that raise your vibration including the foods we eat, the movies or tv we watch, the thoughts we have the people we surround ourselves with, spending time doing more things that uplift us rather than drain us, getting out in nature more, developing a relationship with plants, trees and animals. Focusing on what you love. Spending 10% of your time on identify any challenges that come up and 90% of our energy solving them. Telling people all day long what you love about them. Especially strangers. It uplifts them and you.

This is the most fun choice we can make and keep making it until it becomes a HABIT. Stay in tune with how your body feels, it is your best life GPS. It will remind you when your off track. If it feels sinking or draining it's time to immediately change course and it can be done quickly with an immediate shift of what you focus on. Even if it's just thinking of your favorite color.

SUFFERING IS OUTDATED and Nature is here to help shift us off that path. I am extremely grateful to Nature for inspiring the solution tools that help raise our vibration, making it easier to make high vibe choices and relieve outdated heavy thinking and suffering.

What a great time to be alive and THRIVE on planet earth!!!! Let's all lock arms and hearts and together become part of theHIGH VIBE TRIBE and THRIVE THRIVE THRIVE!

A time to Thrive


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Your Infinite Heart!

Your Infinite Heart!

The Wizard of Oz, the Journey and Your Infinite Heart!  In the magical movie " The Wizard of Oz", Dorothy becomes a seeker for some thing better than what she perceives as lack in her life in Kansas. On this journey, she travels with a Lion seeking courage, a Tinman seeking Love, a Scarecrow who seeks wisdom. With the support of Glenda her Guardian Angel, Dorothy and her companions follow the illuminated path through the...

Focusing on our Roots this Winter...

I wanted to share this beautiful article from Katie Vie that I found on the Blog site because I think this goes along perfectly with the I class taught yesterday on "Seasonal Affective Disorder," or as I prefer to call it "Seasonal Blues."  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...  Sheryl Burns

Roots: A Year with Morphology~ Using Plant-based Origins to Inspire Aromatic Blending

Roots Blog

Posted on January 05, 20150

A Year with Morphology~ Using Plant-based Origins to Inspire Aromatic Blending

By Katie Vie

In the spring edition of the Aromatherapy Journal I introduced you to the theme of Morphology: an approach to blending based upon the part of a plant from which the aromatic substance is extracted, and the meaning prescribed to that plant part. In that edition I discussed seeds, and then covered flowers in the summer edition, and wood in the autumn edition. 

For the winter edition I will discuss Roots.

In the autumn Aromatherapy Journal I describe spring and autumn as being seasons of transition, while summer and winter feel like seasons of immersion. I say this because summer and winter seem to last longer, and they bring such intensity. Within these two seasons are the solstices, the two days a year when the Earth tilts to its furthest extreme, giving us our longest day and our longest night. Within their extremes, both summer and winter offer opportunity for challenges and blessings.

I relish winter. Granted, I do live in the south, so winters aren't as intense as, say, in Idaho. But the days are still short, the trees that blanket the mountains are bare, and the temperatures are freezing.

What I love about winter is the stillness, the quiet. I love that I'm asleep by 9:00 p.m. instead of just starting dinner. Winter offers a contemplative rhythm to which my own rhythm easily aligns. Winter offers extra time to dream, to gaze, to ground. In Still Life with Woodpecker, the author, Tom Robbins, describes January as ‘”the Sunday of the year.”'  Absolutely; without a doubt.  A whole month to behave as you would on a Sunday— to focus on reverence and rest, stay in your pajamas, spend hours just having breakfast, cook something slow, take a nap, catch up on the wonderful relaxing things that so often get sacrificed during the work week.

Now, of course winter has its challenges. It's cold, and it's dark. We work very hard to keep our homes warm; an expense that we do not have in the summer. Many of us will also suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, orSAD, which involves the symptoms of depression, low energy and lack of motivation. We may also battle dangerous weather conditions. While it would be great to just take January off, as though it were truly Sunday for 31 days, we usually can't. Or don't. This turns the cold, the dark, and the “bad” weather into irritating obstacles instead of just characteristics of a season.

I believe that Aromatherapy, and a slight attitude adjustment, can help us embrace the unsung blessings of this season.

Going with our Morphological theme of Roots, let's look at what roots do, when they do it and how they make us feel. Remember, morphological information is largely intuitive and experience based. You must rely on your own personal associations with each plant part more so than locating this information in a book.

Where I live, in the mountains of North Carolina, I watch the deciduous trees. In the spring they pull stored energy from their roots up through their trunks to unfurl tiny little leaves, as fragile and delicate as a newborn; they also produce flowers dusted with pollen and buzzing with bees. In summer, the leaves swell huge and green, absorbing the energy of the sun during the long days, and produce fruits to ensure proliferation.  With thedryness and shorter days of autumn, the trees put on one last glorious show of colorful leaves and then give them up to the winds and the forest floor; exemplifying “letting go.”  And now, it is winter. There are no leaves or flowers to prove that the trees live.  We know that the trees have sent vital nutrients deep into their roots to help them survive this season of low light. The roots are so deep they will not freeze, nor dehydrate for lack of un-frozen water. When we look across the winter forest with its shadows and variations of gray, we do not see death. We see rest above, and sense gentle yet vital activity below.

Again, while most of us don't take the winter “off,” we can adjust our activity so it'smore conducive to what Nature is doing. We can adjust our expectations away from intense productivity, and instead direct energy toward stabilizing, dreaming, conjuring and preparing for growth.

When I described Wood in last season's column I said that a tree, “will go through great lengths so that top and bottom will thrive.” Roots are bottom. They are the foundation, the base.

Let's look at some aromatics that are root based, meaning that the essential oil is found exclusively within the root of the plant:

  • Angelica root (Angelica archangelica)
  • Ginger (Zingiber officinale)
  • Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi)
  • Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides)

A special note about ginger: ginger is one of my favorite Root oils to work with. I like it because it embodies “grounded fire,” as I call it. Ginger is at once stable and ignited. For those of you who implement ginger into cooking or tea, you know that ginger has a serious heating quality. And yet, it's a root, dug from the dark, cool depths of the ground. I make an anointing oil called, The Queen. It is designed to assist manifestation, and one of its components is ginger essential oil. I include it so that the user will embody the stability of the root, and the fiery passion that comes with the heating quality. A quick tip: get yourself a thermos. Every morning fill a thermos with hot water and about an inch of roughly chopped ginger. I sip it all day throughout the winter. The ginger will increase in intensity as the day progresses. I find that sipping this ginger infusion all day keeps me warm, keeps my immune system bolstered and staves off extra wintertime cravings.

So, remember that when you are implementing Morphology into your blending techniques you are weaving intuitive, experience based information into the chemistry, actions, indications and protocols that you already use.  Some morphological indications for using Root essential oils would be:

  • A need for grounding.
  • A connection to the present or the natural world.
  • To strengthen or establish a foundation/base.
  • For quiet introspection.
  • To instill faith/trust.
  • To foster the ability to rest.
  • To improve patience.
  • To make a connection to the ancestors.
  • To encourage stillness/quiet.
  • To deepen any practice.
  • To “get to the bottom” of something.

Roots are the very definition of grounding. There is a meditation I always use at the start of a class. In it I say something like, “you are grounded and centered, like a tree. You extend into the world; you are moved and shifted and swayed by it, but you do not lose your place.” Roots provide stability and connection for a plant. They also allow a plant to eat and drink; bringing vital nutrients from great depths and distances while the tree stays put. Roots are also unseen (usually), and carry with them a quiet mystery of the dark, subterranean worlds where they dwell.

So what is “grounding?” Grounding is your ability to connect and stabilize. It's also the ability to diffuse intense energy, sending it toward a bigger, more capable source; similar to how a lightning rod works.  Have you ever been in a situation that mounts in intensity, and by the time it is over you feel frazzled, lost, or blown apart? It is likely you were not grounded. Grounding protects your structural integrity and gives you full access to what your “roots” can bring you: support, nutrients, information, etc. that may seem far away, but thanks to your roots is easily transported to your center. There's an image of a tree— a line drawing that shows the branches are exactly mirrored by the underground roots. To be stable, to have proper support, your unseen “roots” must be as developed as your “look-at-me-and-how-big-I-am!” branches.

There are levels to being grounded. You must be grounded in general, as a person. You must also be grounded in any given situation. Sometimes grounding comes easily. We take being grounded for granted the way we do our heart beat. Other times we need to be intentional about being grounded, like when we're traveling, or around people who knock us off center.

Anytime you weave these Root essential oils into a blend, you are invoking “grounded-ness.”

Ground & Focus

In situations where you need to be stable and alert, like public speaking, you will want to blend Root essential oils with something stimulating and uplifting, like citrus or mint essential oils.

Ground & Trance

When working within Shamanic practices or deep meditation you will want a sense of “anchoring” andfreedom to soar away from mundane existence. Here I would suggest pairing Root essential oils with Clary sage (Salvia Sclarea) and resin based essential oils.

Ground & Quiet

When there is difficulty quieting the mind and coming to deep stillness, blend Root essential oils with nervines like lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), or conifer needle oils which are harvested in the deep quiet of winter.

I wish each of you all the peace that this season has to offer. May you deepen your love and understanding of aromatherapy by implementing Root essential oils into your aromatherapy blends.

About Katie Vie

Katie Vie has been immersed in the fragrant world of aromatherapy nearly half of her life. Katie's work is a marriage of therapy and beauty; a delight for the senses. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her dog and a Pirate. Katie designs and blends a body care line called river island apothecary. In 2015 she will launch the Asheville School of Aromatherapy where she will offer Aromatherapy certification, the Sacredness of Self program, and the Reviving the Muse program from her newly built apothecary. She can be found at

2016 - "A Year to Remember!"

A Piece of My Story....


As I close out another year I am taking some time to reflect on all I have struggled with and overcome, all the difficult times and all of the triumphs, I am drawn to write this extremely vulnerable post.  Although, it is my hope that this will inspire and motivate others to be courageous and to create the life you want to live!  !Nothing like going out with a BANG! 

I am unsure why I am drawn to do this, as it is a very scary thing for me, but I can hear my “A Team’ (My Divine Guides, Spirit Guides, Elementals, Angels, and my Soul Family) all pushing me to do it.  And so for reasons I may not understand, I have learned, if anything, this year to follow their instruction.  And as a side note:  After reading Dave Mackey's AWESOME book "Spirit Test" I conducted one of my own regarding sending this.  What I got gave me chills, a resounding YES!  (more on that in the blog coming soon: Book Review - "Spirit Signs")

2016 started off like a bad train wreck.  I was severely depressed, still recovering from several massive seizures that put me in ICU for 4 days and drinking heavily any and every chance I had.  On top of it I struggled with the seizure medications making me an emotional wreck!  I couldn’t understand at the time why I continued to drag around my past with me everywhere I went.  I was addicted to chaos, destruction and negativity.  No matter the fact that I had so much hope and beauty in my life.  I had finally met and married my soul mate, was immediately adopted into 2 warm, accepting, and loving families, lived in a beautiful home and had a job doing what I loved.   Still, all I could see and live was my past.  It was as if I was my past, I was allowing it to define me.

In February, I hit the bottom.  I was exhausted, unhealthy and sick and tired of being sick and tired!  I had finally had enough!  I mustered up any courage I had left in me (including a little liquid courage) and told my husband I needed help.  I was fortunate enough that he was right there!  We immediately began looking for a rehab that would support childhood trauma and the strong spiritual beliefs I had (not an easy task!)  However, we found a wonderful place in Maine and off I went!  The plans were set.  I still can’t believe I had the courage to do this!  This was the biggest triumph of 2016 and perhaps of my entire life!  Up until this point I have felt ashamed to share this story.  How could someone who has had a lifetime of success and beauty get to this point?  Up until today, I have hidden this secret. 

It was a long and difficult road…  If there is anything to know about me, it is that I do things my own way.  It takes me a while to make the decision, but when I do, look out!  I don’t let others tell me how to do something, I am blessed that I listen to my inner self, and in this case it has served me well!   How did I get through this?…not the conventional way.  I hated AA Meetings.  I needed a more non-conventional way, something I could relate to.  I went and I did the programs in the beginning that was asked of me.  Through it all, I kept saying to myself…what do I relate to that keeps me on the right path?  I was very drawn to spirituality in a metaphysical sense.  I had had a lot of experiences that helped to shift me in the past.  So in the end, I worked very hard at Meditating, a ton of Self Care, Metaphysical Healings and I used my Oracle Cards every single day to guide me and I reached out when I needed to.  (there is a lot more to it…but for now, I think this is enough)

Eventually, after about 4 months staying sober and taking care of myself (which included starting trauma therapy, which has been Divinely Sent) I was doing a long healing meditation in the sun.  That was the moment the store came to me!  It was a beautiful calm day.  When I asked my Guides if this was my next step, a huge gust of wind practically blew me off my chair.  This is usually how my guides answer a strong “YES!”   At first, old mentality set in…how in the world was I going to pull this off?  How would I pay for it?  What if it failed?  And then the thought that shifted me… “All the programs out there say not to make major changes early on!”  Nope, was NOT accepting that!   I knew deep down this was something healthy for me.  That I could open a place of healing not only for others but that in helping others would be a part of my healing as well.  A place where I could find my “Tribe.”  A Tribe that was healthy!  And if nothing else I would prove it could be done!  And I did!

I am now 10 months sober, I own a successful business, and more importantly I am enjoying my family and friends more than ever!  I am continuing to work on me, in healing childhood trauma, and I have created a life I love! 

In 2016 I have overcome the death of a loved one, the stress of owning a business and have done it all sober!  In only 4 months we have grown the business to a place where we can expand.  I am grateful for all of 2016 and what it has given me – the Triumphs AND the Challenges!  I am extremely grateful for 2016!

So, because of how truly grateful I am for 2016 and all of its blessings, 2017 is going to be a year of giving back!  As, some of you already know, I am starting a new Recovery Program called S.P.I.R.I.T RecoverySpiritual People In Recovery Inspiring Today, “a Metaphysical Approach to Recovery.”  This will be my biggest Goal for 2017!  Through my experience, I truly believe there is a faster and less painful way to recovery and I want to share that with others.

If you are interested in learning more, participating, donating your time, or you or someone you know want to be a part of our group, please contact me:

Follow my blog for more information…  Since this was an incredibly large, vulnerable move for me, I would love your feedback!  Thank you and Many Blessings and Inspirations for 2017!


Don't miss the Magic of this Monday 12/12....

Don't miss the Magic of this Monday 12/12....

I wanted to take a moment to share this information for all those who are seeking the "awakening" or for those who are just trying to find their way "in this thing called life."  For anyone who is looking for more light or for a fresh new start to the year!  We are all being called for the awakening, to be the change we wish to see.  Will you answer the call? 

~Sheryl Burns

PapaJoe Ghost Tales - 7:30 - 8:30pm Saturday October 22nd

We'll be visiting the darker tales; from shadowy back mountain villages to the Voodoo culture in Haiti. And maybe a dwelling just a little closer to You!

Meet NH's timeless Teller, PapaJoe, who's been wandering the misty marshes, grim graveyards, and vibrant village landscapes, seeking out and sharing the bones of our ancestors for over 50 years.

Hilarious or Horrifying; rooted in the ancient molds among the margins of the moment, each tale is grown organically on site to merge with your unique imagination.

$20/ppCall to Register (603) 864-8578



Sacred Prayer Feathers

Since we have the amazing ladies of Earthen Moon joining us again for an exciting class on making your very own Prayer Feathers, I thought I would write a little about what they are and why we use them in our practice of cleansing.

Beautiful Prayer Feather Fan made in our last class!

Beautiful Prayer Feather Fan made in our last class!

Native Americans believed their prayers and messages were sent to spirit on the wings of many great birds, such as the Eagle and the Hawk.   Each different type of feather carried different spiritual meanings to them.  Feathers were used in headdresses for sacred ceremonies and to make smudging fans to honor the Great Spirit, the Earth, and all the creatures of the earth.

Prayer Feathers are used in smudging because it is said to carry your thoughts, words, feelings and intentions to the Great Spirit.  Each time you look at your Sacred Prayer Feather your wishes, prayers and intentions are again carried out into the Great Heavens.  

When saging in ceremony, sage in all 6 directions: East, West, South, North, Earth (Below), and Sky (Above).  So why do we Sage?  Saging can help to clear the energy of the room.  It promotes balance, peace, and a relaxed and calm energy.   It can help to alleviate depression & anxiety.  I sage often before meditation to create the positive space I need to connect with Spirit.  I also sage our home frequently to help keep me grounded and in a positive space.  The best part is the aroma is wonderful and it makes me feel fantastic! 

If you are interested in learning more, I highly suggest our upcoming class.  Learn about the different meanings of feathers and create a personalized Sacred Prayer Feather Fan, full of all your own intentions!  For more information on the class Click Here

Feather Fan Class $67.  Saturday, October 1st 2-4pm.  Class size is limited to 5 people.  Register: 603-864-8578