The Season to Thrive

I love this article by VibesUp. Most of you know how much I respect their products. This gives you an idea of the owners beautiful energy. I encourage all of you to keep your vibrations high as we move into Spring! We can all do this by joining groups where we connect with others. Make sure the groups you are involved with are in alignment with your energies or higher. Don’t allow lower vibrations to consume you. Rather, recognize them and choose a higher frequency for yourself. Make sure to get involved with charities that touch your heart and make a difference, make a point to do things that fill your heart with love...like gardening, knitting, reading, hiking, etc. We are all moving into a beautiful, higher vibration, stay in tune!”
— Sheryl Burns

I have come to the conclusion that at THIS TIME on this planet we are not here to suffer but rather it is the season to THRIVE.
From my studies of Nature, the mayan Calendar, the cycles of the planet and the current vibration of the earth, the Shueman resonance or heartbeat of the planet is CURRENTLY FAST, which is creating a high frequency.

In a lower energy things are thick and dense and slow, life is harder. In a higher energy frequency, things are smooth, light, transparent and fast. We have more energy to activate more of our brain and life expectancy. We are in the cycle or season to THRIVE.

... which means if our planet is vibrating high and we are vibrating low there is friction and it can become increasingly uncomfortable. The more we become a match for the currently frequency the more we can ride the wave of thriving and use this energy for expanding into the amazing being that we are, activating much more of our dormant abilities and wisdom.

THRIVE IS A CHOICE AWAY. With this in mind I encourage you to make a conscious commitment to making choices that raise your vibration including the foods we eat, the movies or tv we watch, the thoughts we have the people we surround ourselves with, spending time doing more things that uplift us rather than drain us, getting out in nature more, developing a relationship with plants, trees and animals. Focusing on what you love. Spending 10% of your time on identify any challenges that come up and 90% of our energy solving them. Telling people all day long what you love about them. Especially strangers. It uplifts them and you.

This is the most fun choice we can make and keep making it until it becomes a HABIT. Stay in tune with how your body feels, it is your best life GPS. It will remind you when your off track. If it feels sinking or draining it's time to immediately change course and it can be done quickly with an immediate shift of what you focus on. Even if it's just thinking of your favorite color.

SUFFERING IS OUTDATED and Nature is here to help shift us off that path. I am extremely grateful to Nature for inspiring the solution tools that help raise our vibration, making it easier to make high vibe choices and relieve outdated heavy thinking and suffering.

What a great time to be alive and THRIVE on planet earth!!!! Let's all lock arms and hearts and together become part of theHIGH VIBE TRIBE and THRIVE THRIVE THRIVE!

A time to Thrive

2016 - "A Year to Remember!"

A Piece of My Story....


As I close out another year I am taking some time to reflect on all I have struggled with and overcome, all the difficult times and all of the triumphs, I am drawn to write this extremely vulnerable post.  Although, it is my hope that this will inspire and motivate others to be courageous and to create the life you want to live!  !Nothing like going out with a BANG! 

I am unsure why I am drawn to do this, as it is a very scary thing for me, but I can hear my “A Team’ (My Divine Guides, Spirit Guides, Elementals, Angels, and my Soul Family) all pushing me to do it.  And so for reasons I may not understand, I have learned, if anything, this year to follow their instruction.  And as a side note:  After reading Dave Mackey's AWESOME book "Spirit Test" I conducted one of my own regarding sending this.  What I got gave me chills, a resounding YES!  (more on that in the blog coming soon: Book Review - "Spirit Signs")

2016 started off like a bad train wreck.  I was severely depressed, still recovering from several massive seizures that put me in ICU for 4 days and drinking heavily any and every chance I had.  On top of it I struggled with the seizure medications making me an emotional wreck!  I couldn’t understand at the time why I continued to drag around my past with me everywhere I went.  I was addicted to chaos, destruction and negativity.  No matter the fact that I had so much hope and beauty in my life.  I had finally met and married my soul mate, was immediately adopted into 2 warm, accepting, and loving families, lived in a beautiful home and had a job doing what I loved.   Still, all I could see and live was my past.  It was as if I was my past, I was allowing it to define me.

In February, I hit the bottom.  I was exhausted, unhealthy and sick and tired of being sick and tired!  I had finally had enough!  I mustered up any courage I had left in me (including a little liquid courage) and told my husband I needed help.  I was fortunate enough that he was right there!  We immediately began looking for a rehab that would support childhood trauma and the strong spiritual beliefs I had (not an easy task!)  However, we found a wonderful place in Maine and off I went!  The plans were set.  I still can’t believe I had the courage to do this!  This was the biggest triumph of 2016 and perhaps of my entire life!  Up until this point I have felt ashamed to share this story.  How could someone who has had a lifetime of success and beauty get to this point?  Up until today, I have hidden this secret. 

It was a long and difficult road…  If there is anything to know about me, it is that I do things my own way.  It takes me a while to make the decision, but when I do, look out!  I don’t let others tell me how to do something, I am blessed that I listen to my inner self, and in this case it has served me well!   How did I get through this?…not the conventional way.  I hated AA Meetings.  I needed a more non-conventional way, something I could relate to.  I went and I did the programs in the beginning that was asked of me.  Through it all, I kept saying to myself…what do I relate to that keeps me on the right path?  I was very drawn to spirituality in a metaphysical sense.  I had had a lot of experiences that helped to shift me in the past.  So in the end, I worked very hard at Meditating, a ton of Self Care, Metaphysical Healings and I used my Oracle Cards every single day to guide me and I reached out when I needed to.  (there is a lot more to it…but for now, I think this is enough)

Eventually, after about 4 months staying sober and taking care of myself (which included starting trauma therapy, which has been Divinely Sent) I was doing a long healing meditation in the sun.  That was the moment the store came to me!  It was a beautiful calm day.  When I asked my Guides if this was my next step, a huge gust of wind practically blew me off my chair.  This is usually how my guides answer a strong “YES!”   At first, old mentality set in…how in the world was I going to pull this off?  How would I pay for it?  What if it failed?  And then the thought that shifted me… “All the programs out there say not to make major changes early on!”  Nope, was NOT accepting that!   I knew deep down this was something healthy for me.  That I could open a place of healing not only for others but that in helping others would be a part of my healing as well.  A place where I could find my “Tribe.”  A Tribe that was healthy!  And if nothing else I would prove it could be done!  And I did!

I am now 10 months sober, I own a successful business, and more importantly I am enjoying my family and friends more than ever!  I am continuing to work on me, in healing childhood trauma, and I have created a life I love! 

In 2016 I have overcome the death of a loved one, the stress of owning a business and have done it all sober!  In only 4 months we have grown the business to a place where we can expand.  I am grateful for all of 2016 and what it has given me – the Triumphs AND the Challenges!  I am extremely grateful for 2016!

So, because of how truly grateful I am for 2016 and all of its blessings, 2017 is going to be a year of giving back!  As, some of you already know, I am starting a new Recovery Program called S.P.I.R.I.T RecoverySpiritual People In Recovery Inspiring Today, “a Metaphysical Approach to Recovery.”  This will be my biggest Goal for 2017!  Through my experience, I truly believe there is a faster and less painful way to recovery and I want to share that with others.

If you are interested in learning more, participating, donating your time, or you or someone you know want to be a part of our group, please contact me: Sheryl@tangledrootsherbal.com

Follow my blog for more information…  Since this was an incredibly large, vulnerable move for me, I would love your feedback!  Thank you and Many Blessings and Inspirations for 2017!