The Season to Thrive

I love this article by VibesUp. Most of you know how much I respect their products. This gives you an idea of the owners beautiful energy. I encourage all of you to keep your vibrations high as we move into Spring! We can all do this by joining groups where we connect with others. Make sure the groups you are involved with are in alignment with your energies or higher. Don’t allow lower vibrations to consume you. Rather, recognize them and choose a higher frequency for yourself. Make sure to get involved with charities that touch your heart and make a difference, make a point to do things that fill your heart with love...like gardening, knitting, reading, hiking, etc. We are all moving into a beautiful, higher vibration, stay in tune!”
— Sheryl Burns

I have come to the conclusion that at THIS TIME on this planet we are not here to suffer but rather it is the season to THRIVE.
From my studies of Nature, the mayan Calendar, the cycles of the planet and the current vibration of the earth, the Shueman resonance or heartbeat of the planet is CURRENTLY FAST, which is creating a high frequency.

In a lower energy things are thick and dense and slow, life is harder. In a higher energy frequency, things are smooth, light, transparent and fast. We have more energy to activate more of our brain and life expectancy. We are in the cycle or season to THRIVE.

... which means if our planet is vibrating high and we are vibrating low there is friction and it can become increasingly uncomfortable. The more we become a match for the currently frequency the more we can ride the wave of thriving and use this energy for expanding into the amazing being that we are, activating much more of our dormant abilities and wisdom.

THRIVE IS A CHOICE AWAY. With this in mind I encourage you to make a conscious commitment to making choices that raise your vibration including the foods we eat, the movies or tv we watch, the thoughts we have the people we surround ourselves with, spending time doing more things that uplift us rather than drain us, getting out in nature more, developing a relationship with plants, trees and animals. Focusing on what you love. Spending 10% of your time on identify any challenges that come up and 90% of our energy solving them. Telling people all day long what you love about them. Especially strangers. It uplifts them and you.

This is the most fun choice we can make and keep making it until it becomes a HABIT. Stay in tune with how your body feels, it is your best life GPS. It will remind you when your off track. If it feels sinking or draining it's time to immediately change course and it can be done quickly with an immediate shift of what you focus on. Even if it's just thinking of your favorite color.

SUFFERING IS OUTDATED and Nature is here to help shift us off that path. I am extremely grateful to Nature for inspiring the solution tools that help raise our vibration, making it easier to make high vibe choices and relieve outdated heavy thinking and suffering.

What a great time to be alive and THRIVE on planet earth!!!! Let's all lock arms and hearts and together become part of theHIGH VIBE TRIBE and THRIVE THRIVE THRIVE!

A time to Thrive

Your Infinite Heart!

Your Infinite Heart!

The Wizard of Oz, the Journey and Your Infinite Heart!  In the magical movie " The Wizard of Oz", Dorothy becomes a seeker for some thing better than what she perceives as lack in her life in Kansas. On this journey, she travels with a Lion seeking courage, a Tinman seeking Love, a Scarecrow who seeks wisdom. With the support of Glenda her Guardian Angel, Dorothy and her companions follow the illuminated path through the...

Don't miss the Magic of this Monday 12/12....

Don't miss the Magic of this Monday 12/12....

I wanted to take a moment to share this information for all those who are seeking the "awakening" or for those who are just trying to find their way "in this thing called life."  For anyone who is looking for more light or for a fresh new start to the year!  We are all being called for the awakening, to be the change we wish to see.  Will you answer the call? 

~Sheryl Burns

New Herbal & Spiritual Gift Shop Opening in Nashua!!

I am very excited to announce that after 7 years dreaming of this moment, I can finally say...  My husband & I are opening our very own Herbal & Metaphysical Gift Shop!  After working in Whole Body at Whole Foods in Nashua, I realized how many people are looking for this type of store in the area, so we decided to take a leap of faith and open one! 

We have lots of exciting upcoming announcements as we get closer to opening, so please be sure to "Like" us on Facebook and Share our page to spread this exciting news!  And of course, we love to here your comments - so please be sure introduce yourself and let us know what you think!

Here is an idea of some of the products & services we will be offering:


           •       Angel items: figurines, posters, books, jewelry

       Aromatherapy: aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering one’s mood, cognitive, psychological or physical wellbeing

       Books: health, healing, psychic development, past lives, meditation

       Candles: meditation, decorative, for religious services

       Cards: angel, animal medicine, tarot, oracle

       CDs: music, healing, meditation, self-help

       Celtic items

       Rocks & Crystals: both healing and decorative, from small to huge amethyst cathedrals

       Essential oils: cinnamon, spearmint, grapefruit, patchouli and many more

       Fabrics: wall hangings, tapestries, bags, clothing

       Feng Shui: wind chimes, coins, water fountains

       Gift items: singing bowls, decorations, key chains, mugs, magnets

       Greeting cards and posters with angels, fairies, animal spirits, stars, moons, chakras 

       Dried Herbs (80 different types)  & Teas (20 different types): sold by the ounce

       Medicinal Tinctures (Alcohol Free!)

       Household items: lanterns, artwork, candles, jewelry boxes

       Incense & Sage

       Jewelry: silver, stones, wire-wrapped, pendants, crystals


       Herbal Courses / Workshops

       Aromatherapy Workshops

       Metaphysical Workshops



       Mediation Circles

       Drum Circles/Classes