March Book Club
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March Book Club


Enough!  How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word  is a groundbreaking, paradigm changing non-fiction book by author, Laurie McCammon, MS, that reveals a simple key to happiness and abundance:  changing our orientation to just one word. Enough.  It is not a matter of "fixing ourselves" with self-help and self-improvement schemes. Our central story, the "Never Enough Story" (the story of scarcity) is a self-fulfilling prophecy that has kept humanity locked in perpetual cycles of suffering for over 5,000 years.  The belief in lack has obscured our ability to perceive the more ancient and enduring enough pattern present throughout the entire cosmos that provides a flow of divine inspiration and heart wisdom, vast stores of creativity and self-empowerment.  Citing findings from quantum physics, new sciences, systems theory, feminine leadership, spirituality, indigenous teachings, and growing global movements such as sustainability, thrive, resilience, environmentalism, community currency, and the sharing economy, Laurie demonstrates that an enough success story is already well underway.  And because humanity is only one small player in this cosmic-level Enough Story, the shift from Never Enough to Enough is inevitable and cannot be stopped.  The result is a future to be truly optimistic about that offers a vastly improved quality of life, personal empowerment, health, benevolent activity, meaningfulness and sufficiency for all.

In the cultural story in which we live, we are told that we are never enough. We think we must repeatedly alter or improve ourselves in order to be deserving of the happiness, acceptance, security, and meaning we desire. We are told we are not enough to make a difference in the mounting economic, political, social, and environmental crises of our times. But what if all of these messages are wrong? What if most of the suffering we experience—low self-esteem, self-doubt, depression, anxiety, addiction, fear, and stress—aren’t an indication of personal deficit, but are direct symptoms of a set of cultural norms that cause us to orient toward lack while systematically ignoring opportunities for abundance and well-being for ourselves and the planet?

Enough! offers a solution to our broken paradigm and our broken psyches and shows readers how to root out this never-enough story and develop a sense of “enoughness” that leads organically to solutions to problems from the personal to the local to the geopolitical.

From these words “I am enough. I have enough. We are enough. We have enough. Enough!,” author Laurie McCammon shows that a more positive and collectively abundant future is inevitable.

Are you an Enougher?  Take the QUIZ!

Are You an Enougher Solutionary?  Take the QUIZ!

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January Book Club

Essence Book Club

Join us for our 1st Tangled Roots Herbal Book Club! We have chosen the fantastic book "Essence" by local NH Author, April Adams!  We will meet to discuss the book on February 2nd.  April will be joining us!

Learn to do more than just live your life—learn to thrive in it with April Adams' enlightening new book Essence.

Using her years of experience helping people move from a place of feeling empty and alone to feeling emotionally, mentally, and spiritually satisfied, April gently guides readers through a journey of peaceful self-fulfillment.

By employing a unique healing modality, April taps into the very essence of what makes us human in order to teach everything she knows about the mind, energy, and the divine.

Instantly engaging while remaining refreshingly accessible, Essence will leave readers with a stronger sense of empowerment, completion, healthiness, and happiness.

In addition to the written matter, Essence provides digital bonus materials to complement the lessons found within. These include a meditation training series, healing activations, videos, guided meditation exercises, worksheets, and even mp3s that can be used to make your own customizable hypnosis recordings.

Whether you're coming from a place of darkness or simply want to improve your appreciation for life, Essence will help you gain the center and balance you crave while setting you on the path of personal contentment.

You will learn how to:

Stop creating your own misery with your thoughts

Be at peace regardless of what is happening in your life

Quiet your mind, or appreciate it’s busyness more, or both

Create more intimate relationships

Be fulfilled

Deal with your emotions

Be happier and more empowered

Find your life’s purpose

Recognize, use and trust your intuition- yes YOU have intuition!

Activate and use your own healing abilities

Stop getting sick

Feel good

Come to terms with the negative things in the world

Connect more deeply with your spirit and the divine

Control energy with your intention

Get The Law of Attraction to work for you

Reprogram your subconscious mind from all of its damaging beliefs

You can pick up or purchase your book in the store whenever it is convenient for you...

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