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Crafting Altars & Sacred Space

Sacred space is any space that is designated and used for spiritual work, often involving an altar or some other surface to display and house tools and materials for said work. These are practices that span the range of religions around the world, and can be applied to any set of beliefs and paths.

While the concept is ages old, it’s been adopted by those in the modern day spiritual community to create a safe space for meditation, manifestation, ancestor worship, divination, or any other type of mystical or metaphysical act. Whether you’re working with the moon’s flow, lighting candles for healing, meditating, or just sitting with your friends in spiritual connection, sacred space is a powerful tool to protect and enhance the work you’re doing.

It may be an old practice, but it’s not a hard one to master! Join us as we talk about what sacred space is and break down the actions you can take to “create” it. We’ll discuss different types of altars, what goes on them, what to do with them, and why everyone should have on in their homes. The best thing about altars and sacred space is there’s no One Right Way, and so this workshop is designed to help you build your ideal space, instead of giving you a step by step set of instructions for what’s “right” and what’s “wrong”.

By the end of the class, you’ll have a better grasp on these essential spiritual practices and how to implement them on your own, tweaking based on things like need, space, time, and more.

$30 per person

Angela Marie of Simply Sacred has been crafting special sacred spaces for over 20 years. As a child, she’d create little incognito altars containing her family photos, favorite rocks from the backyard, and leftover tea lights from around the house. She now uses sacred space and creates altars daily in her bodywork practice, during the women’s circles she facilitates, and while doing spellwork at home with her daughter and her cat. She believes that everyone, regardless of faith, belief, or practice, can benefit from a little more sacredness in their lives.

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