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Geneology: Gateway To Your Ancestors

Unlock your future by exploring the past! 

Genealogy is not just an excellent way to gather factual historical data about our families - it is also a powerful tool for healing and for connecting with our ancestors. This introduction to genealogy will explore not just the quickest and easiest ways to jump start your genealogical journey, but also the power of inter-generational healing. Our stories are the source of our power. 

Instructor Katy Swallow, MLiS, will guide you to a rich path to self discovery. Topics include traditional tools such as public records and databases, as well as family histories and folklore, ancestor altars, mediumship, the impact of inter-generational trauma, the value of  medical history, and more. Come to class with some basic biographical information about your relatives and ancestors, and we will start your journey together. (Helpful information includes names, birth and death dates, places of residence, occupations, and more, but you don’t have to have all of these to get started!)

$60 per person