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Local Artist Pop-Up - Rebecca Jane Fessenden

  • Tangled Roots Herbal 95 West Pearl Street Nashua, NH, 03060 United States (map)
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Rebecca Jane Fessenden

Living, Teaching, Creating in NH

Rebecca loves to make a beautiful mess! Her creations include painting, drawing and mixed media with a focus on re-thinking materials, objects and ideas.  Her artwork meanders through echoes of the past including vintage and retro subject matter while also twisting the future of art. She teaches art K-8 in Nashua, NH.


Doily Painting Series

by Artist Rebecca Jane Fessenden

This body of work has been created (and continues to evolve) with a few ideas in mind:

1. “You already have what you need.”

Rebecca does not have a beautiful sun-filled studio full of supplies and storage. Often, we let circumstances like this be reason enough not to begin. The Doily Series is created in the corner of a 9x7.5ft room in Nashua, NH.

The materials used in this series are 90% repurposed.  Discarded frames, paintings and boards are collected, cleaned, and prepared for new work.  Rebecca has collected a stockpile of secondhand doilies, yarn, lace, tassels and other textured textiles.  The shapes and patterns of these discarded or donated doilies are the main inspiration for each artwork.  Rethinking and reusing materials, objects and ideas is a main focus of her work. Her artwork meanders through echoes of the past including vintage and retro subject matter while also twisting the future of art.

2. “You don’t have to know everything.”

      Rebecca Jane Fessenden enjoys making a beautiful mess.  She thinks of her studio as an “Art Lab.” This is a place where you don’t know exactly what will happen, and that is precisely why you are there.  Using  something like the scientific method, she proposes an artistic hypothesis. Then she gathers inspiration and ideas from the internet, other artists, her students and more.

      Rebecca’s goal is to continue to focus on process more than product.  This means each work is a surprise and influences the creation of the next piece. She often finds herself reassuring her young students, “It’s okay for your art to look strange halfway through, you’re not done. Keep Going.” This is the very thing she continues to tell herself as well.

3. “Share your journey.”

      Rebecca has recently developed a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest under the name “Make-A-Mundo!”  The ability to share directly with an audience who has already shown interest in one’s endeavors has become a great motivation for this series of Doily Paintings.  She plans to continue sharing the joy of making things and to develop her own website and blog, at

      Rebecca Jane Fessenden teaches art K-8 at St. Christopher School and Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High School in Nashua, NH.  Teaching in itself is a journey and an inspiration.  She is always finding a new process, material or subject matter to try with her classes.  Her students enthusiasm, freedom and perseverance is the best fuel.  Follow her and her students on social media so that they may share their journey with you.

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