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Lunar Lore

Lunar Lore: Setting Intentions & Manifesting with the Moon

The moon and her cycle plays a powerful role in our daily lives, almost unconsciously. Why not learn to harness that power to manifest a little magic in your life? If you need to bring about some change; if you want to learn more about working with the moon and her cycles; if you absolutely suck at keeping New Years resolutions - this class is for you!

In this class, we'll talk about the astronomical phases of the moon and how they correspond to energetic intention setting and manifestation work. You'll leave with fantastic tools that you can implement right away for honoring the moon cycle and harnassing the energy to bring change into your life: outlines and samples for new and full moon rituals, tips for practical applications, advice for how to stay on track throughout the month, and more. Great for beginners to manifestation or those looking to add a deeper layer to their intention work!

The moon is a constant reminder of the manifestation work we’re doing, and helps to bring your thoughts back to creating the life you’re meant to live.

$30 per person, includes printed workbook and handouts

Angela Marie of Simply Sacred has been working with the moon for most of her life, using its sway to manifest her goals and guide her spirituality. As a child, she was fascinated by the moon and would follow its patterns of waxing and waning out her bedroom window. Now, as an adult, the magic and mysticism of the moon still holds her attention, but she’s now learned to make use of its energy to better her life - and strives to bring that knowledge to those around her as well.

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