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Psychic Development 2

Everyone has the ability, sometimes hidden deep within, to unlock their psychic abilities and truly make the best use of their energy and brain power. In our 3 part series on Psychic Development, Lori Haynes will walk you through the different skills and subsets of psychic ability and assist you in reactivating your intuitive power.

You’ll build a foundation of extrasensory perception and psychic ability through organized exercises meant to enhance your mental imagery. Other activities include activation meditations to help expand and uncover your inner intuitive resources and bring you to new levels in high consciousness. Through these exercises, you’ll unlock your fullest intuitive potential.

Each of the three classes are standalone; you can take one or all three, and you can take them out of order (when available). Classes are split by techniques so you can take the classes you’re most interested in.

Class 1: Saturday, March 23  10:30-3:00

  • ESP

  • Activating meditations

  • Automatic writing - through higher self

  • Pre-cognition - future events

  • Claircognizance - knowing

  • Clairaudience - hearing

  • Telekenisis - pendulums, downsing

Class 2: Saturday, March 30  10:30-3:00

  • Telepathy - mind > mind communication

  • Clairvoyance - seeing

  • 3rd eye activation

  • psychokinesis/telekinesis - spontaneous or deliberate intervention or influence external matter or/and conditions

Class 3: Saturday, April 6  10:30-3:00

  • Tools of psychic empowerment - gazing, pendulums, dowsing, esp cards, strategies

  • Pyramidal strategies, reducing stress, imagery and self affirmations

  • Sand reading

  • Wrinkled sheet reading

  • Esp cards/symbols

  • Psychic empowerment exercises for development

Each class is $90; register for all three and pay only $225 (a savings of $45!). Payments are non-refundable. Please register in advance to reserve your seat.

Please call the shop to register for the whole series.

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