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Reiki I Certification Course

  • Tangled Roots Herbal 95 West Pearl Street Nashua, NH, 03060 United States (map)

Do you feel like you're missing something in your life? Are you searching for a deeper spiritual practice? Have you always been intrigued by Reiki and the people who practice it?

Reiki is a gentle form of universal energy healing that's extremely popular with new age and spiritual healers, both novice and expert. One of the joys of Reiki is that anyone can learn, and it can be applied to an untold number of lifestyles, healing practices, and situations. Reiki is used in spiritual practices, wellness centers, and even hospitals. It's used to manage pain, chronic illness, acute injury, stress and mental disorders, emotional blockages, energetic stagnation, and much more. The application of Reiki is only bound by your imagination.

Many Reiki courses are taught in a single afternoon, but Tangled Roots Herbal and your Reiki instructor believe that to truly understand, grasp, and implement a deep, meaningful Reiki practice, it's imperative to develop a relationship with your Master and with Reiki itself. This course is structured in such a way to allow more time to grasp and practice the concepts you'll learn, and to grow connections with your instructor and fellow students that will remain with you for the rest of your Reiki journey.

In this 4 week course, you'll learn:

·       the history of Reiki and how it made its way to the US

·       the spiritual and practical principles of Reiki

·       the biological and energetic systems affected by Reiki energy

·       practices that blend with Reiki

·       how to perform Reiki on yourself and others

·       and more!

The course consists of one class a week for 3 weeks. Week four will feature a written exam and a hands on practical in the form of a donation Reiki clinic. After the clinic, students will graduate with their Reiki 1 certification and be fully attuned and ready to take their practice into the world.

Learning Reiki may be for you if:

o   You feel a desire to help & heal people

o   You yearn for a greater connection to yourself and the universal energies around you

o   You want a gentle, non-invasive way to keep yourself and your family healthy

o   You wish to add a deeper layer to your spiritual practice

o   You want to add a healing modality to your repertoire that integrates seamlessly with other touch or emotional therapies

2018 Class Dates:

March 22, March 29th, April 5th, Final Class Reiki Share, where you will practice on customers.

To register, please contact Tangled Roots Herbal. The course costs $120 (including material fees) if paid up front and in advance. Payment plans are available; please inquire.  

About the teacher: Angela DiMare-Messier, LMT, RMT has been studying and practicing Reiki since 2010. She has studied with Lourdes Grey at the John Harvey Grey Center for Reiki Healing in Jaffrey NH and reached the level of Master/Teacher with Lisa Powers, private instructor. She uses Reiki and energy healing daily in her home and in her professional massage & bodywork business.


As a lifelong believer in holistic wellness, Angela is a natural resource when learning to take better care of your whole self. Since an early age, she gravitated towards nature and natural medicine to treat the whole body, instead of masking symptoms with more traditional means.

Angela is now a massage therapist, Reiki master, and herbalist, with an extensive background in energy work, aromatherapy, meditation, journeying, self care, magick & spirituality, and other holistic techniques. She is truly delighted to have the opportunity to teach Reiki in this unique class structure, to help bring Reiki into a modern, accepted place in health and wellness. You can learn more about her and her services and workshops at





·       Class 1:

o   What is Energy?

o   What is Reiki?

o   How does it work, who does it benefit, when is it not okay

o   History of Reiki

§  Lineage

o   5 Principles

o   3 pillars

o   Preparing for attunement

o   Cleansing period

o   Homework: energy practice, reiki implementation worksheet, meditation

·       Class 2:

o   Homework, troubleshooting

o   Attunement

o   Self treatment

§  Practice

o   Chakra system

o   Meridian system

o   Biological systems

o   Colors/stones/oils/extra tools/etc

o   More practice

o   attunement

o   Homework: practice reiki daily, journal, meditation

·       Class 3:

o   Homework, troubleshooting

o   Attunement

o   Preparing for a reiki session

o   Hand positions for others

o   Practice

o   Conducting a reiki session for others

o   Implementing into different careers/practices

o   Reiki-ing "things"

o   Attunement

o   Homework: practice on others, daily reiki, what to expect for the clinic

·       Reiki Clinic:

o   Treat others, practice intake, professionalism, etc

o   graduation