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Shamanic Healing Sessions

  • Tangled Roots Herbal 95 West Pearl Street Nashua, NH, 03060 United States (map)


Vibrational Healings



Saturday September 29th  2pm - 6pm

Monday October 1st 10am - 5pm

Tuesday October 2nd 10am - 6pm

Vibrational Healing Sessions “Everything in life is vibration.” ~Albert Einstein Just as a pebble creates vibrations that appear as ripples, which travel outward in a body of water, frequencies create vibrations that travel outward that manifests as health or dis-ease in your mind and body. When your inner vibration is wounded, hurt or out of alignment, you cannot move forward with who you want to be in the world.. you are STUCK. Vibrational medicine helps ‘shake’ up this energy and get you back into alignment. During a private one-on-one session with Jamie, she will ask you about any areas in your body or life where you are feeling ‘stuck’. Jamie will then use her sacred medicine tools (drums, rattles, feather fans, etc) to help move this energy. Upon completion of these sessions, clients have expressed that they feel lighter, more in alignment, more focused. The use of vibration to heal is not something new; it has been used for centuries and is a true body-mind-spirit therapy.


To book an appointment during Jamie's visit in August, please call the store: (603) 864-8578 or email us




In a private healing session, Jamie uses the sacred tool of Shamanic Journeying to help you become aware of the stumbling blocks that keep you from living your best life. As you work with Jamie, she will help you reveal and push through blockages such as past life traumas and ancestral bondages and help you detach from what no longer serves you. Jamie moves into the place of the “Hollow Bone” and allows Spirit, animal guides and ancestors direct and guide her. Using medicine tools such as rattles, drum and feather fans, she moves energy through your body in the process of cutting through and helping you release the baggage that is standing in your way of fully living the life that Spirit has in store for you.

$127 / hour

Earlier Event: September 29
Advanced Shamanic Journey Workshop