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Vibrational Drum Healing - Jamie "Sitting Hawk Woman"

  • Tangled Roots Herbal 93 West Pearl Street Nashua, NH, 03060 United States (map)

Our bodies vibrate at a certain frequency. Vibration has an amazing effect on our bodies, minds and spirits. Sometimes our vibration is not in alignment with our frequency and this causes us to feel uneasy, scattered, unfocused, spiritually out of balance, etc. And we don’t really understand what is going on. We just know that we do not feel like ourselves and we don’t like this uncomfortable feeling. As we bring the vibration back into alignment with our personal frequency we can do many things such as; heal ourselves from illness or diseases, increase the function of our immune system, reduce stress, release stagnant energy, and bring about calmness and deep relaxation. 

During a Vibrational Drum Healing we will sit together to discuss what you wish to accomplish during the session. We will begin with calling in our ancestors and guides to assist us in this work. After which I will create a vibration orb around your body by use of a Native American frame drum or rattle. I will focus on the areas we discussed, on areas that feel out of alignmentand then move around your body according to how Spirit guides me. During this time you will be able to release those energies that are causing discomfort and that no longer are serving your highest good, thusly enabling you hold focus and intent. 

The heartbeat of the drum allows us to hold focus and intentionand helps to visualize as we ride the vibration of the drum into the deep center of ourselves. When we are able to do this our lives shift and change miraculously. We once again feel connected, not only to ourselves, but to those around us, to Mother Nature and our surroundings as a whole. We feel balanced and in-tune. Come join me to see how the simple vibration from a drum can create this in your life. 

Rates: $97 per hour – typical session lasts an hour

*Must schedule an appointment ahead of time.  Payment must be made in full.  No refunds.     To schedule a Healing please call the store (603) 864-8578.