Iridology Sessions 


Iridology is the study of the color, pigmentations, and structure of the iris or the colored portion of the eye.  Iridology complements all the health sciences as it furnishes information, not only about what health problem the client my have, but also the root cause of the disorder.  Iridology is one of the best assessment tools available to discover which areas of the body are genetically strong and which are deficient.  Genetic markings are shown in the iris that reflect at least four generations of health conditions in a families history.  Predispositions may be determined so preventive measures may be taken to avoid an imbalance from occurring.

Sunshine has been using Iridology in her holistic practice since 1982.  Within a session, she will administer a nutritional profile, with several different modalities, including western herbs, flower essences, aromatherapy and vitamin supplements.  Also in the assessment, it will be determined if there are emotional issues one may be harboring and which organ in the body is being effected.  She will then suggest a counseling session or emotional release work, that she has named Hypno-Core-Release.  This gentle guided visualization process uncovers core issues that are released through the subconscious, where deep healing takes place and peace and freedom are activated!

Sunshine will be Joining the Tangled Roots Herbal Team!  She will be here on Wednesday (starting May 3rd).  To book an appointment with her, please call the store: (603) 864-8578

1 Hour Iridology Session (includes photo map of your eye, reading - spiritual, emotional & physical) and a natural protocol to support your findings)  $125 / hr.

"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing an Iridology Session with Shine and WOW!! I had a little knowledge of Iridology but had no idea how much the map of our eyes can tell us about ourselves from a whole body perspective; mind, body and spirit!  I have been doing the health protocol that she recommended and I am seeing drastic differences in less than a week on my overall energy levels, mindset and overall health.  This session is worth every penny, especially if you are having any type of health concerns!"
"As most of you know, I am quite particular in the services I bring in.  I always experience a session prior to joining our family so that I feel completely comfortable and wowed with the practitioner and their services - Sunshine was no exception!"
~Sheryl Burns


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