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Iridology - What the Eye Reveals!

  • Tangled Roots Herbal 95 West Pearl Street Nashua, NH, 03060 United States (map)

In this lecture, Sunshine will display live enlarged iris photos, showing how an iris evaluation may be one of the most informative tools for a thorough health analysis.  Within the iris of the eye there is a complete mapping of every organ in the body which can show genetic strengths and weaknesses.  Many systems of the internal workings of the body can be observed in the iris, such as digestive, circulation and heart, lymph, brain, lungs, reproductive organs and much more.  The iris will also show personality traits and emotions! Iridology can also show genetics and pre-dispositions before an illness may occur and how it may be prevented! Iridology is a valuable analysis tool to get to the core of one’s health issues and gives an overall picture of mind, body and soul. The iris photos will show different types of inherent constitutions and how to take preventive and corrective measures through diet, herbs and lifestyle changes.

Workshop: $35/per person

*Classes are non-refundable unless class is canceled.