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About Owner, Karen Steuer

It’s my pleasure to continue the beautiful journey Sheryl Burns started here at Tangled Roots Herbal. I come at herbalism through nearly 20 years of self-study and using herbs and botanicals to build a thriving soap and skincare business (Hemlock Springs Soaps).

My background couldn’t be more removed from Herbalism…I started my professional life in college admissions, flirted with corporate sales (and didn’t really enjoy it!) and spent several years as a Training Consultant for a large University in Boston. After that, I spent a few years working with school districts around the country creating professional development training programs for K-12 teachers.

But herbalism and working with natural ingredients has always been something I’ve just done. I started making soap in 1999, and fell in love with the process and the possibilities. Then I started to learn how to make creams, lotions, balms, salves, tinctures, natural cleaning products and then in 2013 took my passion full time and spent the past 5+ years building Hemlock Springs Soaps.

A chance conversation with Sheryl in the spring of 2018 lead my husband (Paul) and I to seriously consider stepping into the huge shoes Sheryl and Tim created here, and became official in November 2018.

I’m ever so thankful for the warm welcome, and hope to spread the warm embrace, learn from you and with you as my journey here begins.


Lori Haynes:  Certified Medium, Healer, Psychic, CMT.  trained in Massage, Reiki, and Vibrational Healing.

Lori Haynes:  Certified Medium, Healer, Psychic, CMT.  trained in Massage, Reiki, and Vibrational Healing.

Lori Haynes

Certified Medium, Psychic, Healer

Lori Haynes is a Certified Medium, Psychic, Healer and Massage Therapist.  She has a had an extensive career as an early childhood teacher.  She worked as a co-facilitator in therapy groups for children healing from abuse and the "Visions of Hope Project," which was an Expressive Art Program that assisted the children in using Art to heal.  She has been a Teacher, Parent Liaison, Education Specialist, as well as a teacher of Metaphysical Spirituality at the Sarasota Center of Light.

Lori is a certified CMT, certified in Massage, Reiki and Vibrational Healing.  She has studied and apprenticed in Advanced Healing with Rev. Lisa Johnson who studies under Harry Edwards, Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Author Extraordinaire.  He founded the Harry Edwards Spiritual Sanctuary at Shere, Surrrey in England.

Lori works closely with the Guardians of Light, a loving group of Angels and Master Teachers who are here to assist those here on Earth in learning and living in the Vibration of Love!



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Angela DiMere-Messier

Angela is so thrilled to be working with Tangled Roots Herbal to provide bodywork and healing to its customers! A lifelong devotee of natural and holistic living, Angela is a massage therapist, Reiki master teacher, and herbalist. She claims an extensive background in energy work, aromatherapy, meditation, journeying, self care, and other holistic techniques. She frequently incorporates holistic techniques into everyday life – cooking, cleaning, hygiene, interpersonal relationships, even motherhood – and encourages others to do the same with easy tips and tricks she’s developed and mastered over the years.

A few years ago, Angela attended the birth of a friend as support and a doula; the experience was incredible and transformational. Ever since then, working with women through all stages of life has become the ultimate goal. Teaching girls (and their mothers!) to embrace menarche and healthy body images; working with women to balance hormone & menstrual cycles naturally; reclaiming the inner divine, ancestral power and magick we've lost throughout the years; facilitating open communication and inner growth regarding feminine topics frequently thought of as taboo. She incorporates massage, reiki, self care, herbalism, nutrition, spirituality, and life & wellness coaching into a single practice dedicated to helping women live fuller, more in tune lives.

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Sheilagh Cruickshank

Sheilagh Cruickshank is an urban herbalist, teacher and small-space gardener who has been working with and learning from the plants for nearly 20 years. During that time she studied with Rosemary Gladstar, completing the Science and Art of Herbalism Apprenticeship, Advanced Herbal Training and Ecstasy of Teaching programs. An herbal instructor throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts, Sheilagh has co-taught an apprenticeship program at The Green Witch School of Herbalism for over 10 years and offered workshops at The International Herb Symposium, The New England Women’s Herbal Conference and Herbstalk. She is currently a teacher for The Science and Art of Herbalism on-line course. As a free-lance writer, she has contributed pieces to The Herb Quarterly and various herbal - based blogs. Sheilagh is delighted to share the joy, empowerment and self-care that connecting with the plants can bring!