A Program for Teen "Sensitives"

Generation Intuitive

Does your teen seem wiser beyond his/her age? Are they exceptionally psychic and sensitive, tuned in to realms other than this one as a natural part of everyday life? Have a close connection with the natural world as well as a passion to to bring healing and change to the Earth? Do they have abilities to heal people and animals, speak to Angels and Spirits on the other side of life?
Is he/she very intelligent yet bored with scholastic education? There are times when your teens can feel overwhelmed and overstimulated by everyday life, certain environments, and crowds. In this supportive Circle, your teens will learn about various energies, how to maintain and protect their personal bio-field from outside energies. Through group exercises, they will be able to recognize their abilities as gifts.

Through the art of discernment, attention, they will understand the responsibility in how they choose to use their abilities as well as maintaining their personal field.  


Come with your teen for an open session of discussion about the program.  The goal of this time spent with Lori will be to find out more information about the program and to ask questions you may have.  This is a great opportunity to see if Generation Intuitive is a good fit for your teen.

Age: 13-20 ; We will only be taking 8 teen's for this program so they get the attention they need from Lori.

Class Schedule:
March 16th - "Energy Matters"
March 23rd - "Energy Maintenance & Management"
March 30th - "Abilities & Information - Part 1"
April 6th - "Abilities & Information - Part 2"
April 13th - "Practicing our Abilities"
April 20th - "Telepathy"
April 27th - "Strength, Weaknesses & Challenges in our Daily Lives"
May 4th - "Personal Responsibility in Sharing our Abilities"

This is a full program and each class builds upon the last.  It is important that your teen attend each class in order to be prepared for the following class.

Cost: $250.00
Deposit: $150
Balance: $100 (April 6th)

Instructor: Lori Haynes

Call the Store to Register (603) 864-8578 or to register and pay in full Click Here