Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side

Psychic Reading

In this reading I connect to your departed loved ones in the higher realms.  They communicate through words and symbols, sharing personality traits, how they passed with evidential information.  They will also bring in information that will confirm who they are to help you release any skepticism.

Only positive, loving energy and spirit beings come through during readings.

Preparation for Evidential Psychic / Mediumship Readings

*Please allow 3 or more months after your loved one has departed before scheduling a reading.  This allows time for you to grieve and begin healing.  Your loved ones also have an "adjustment" period as well.  This period also assists them in gathering their energies for clearer communication in your reading.

*Refrain from drugs or alcohol before a reading.

*Come in with an Open Heart and Open Mind

*If you have any questions, save them until the end of the reading.  Usually these questions are addressed during your reading.

*Please do not tell me who you want to connect with.  Your loved ones come through as they wish in their "divine timing."  As spirits come in, I will share information such as physical characteristics, personality, information, traits, etc.  When the connection is established and you recognize the communicator, we'll move forward with passing of messages between you both.

*RELAX!  Connecting to your loved ones is a beautiful and heartful experience.


Benefits from Evidential Psychic / Mediumship Readings

*Healing Support

*Comfort in Knowing that our Souls are Eternal and our loved ones in Spirit are only a thought away.

*Our Loved ones continue to bring messages of Love and support in many ways.


Lori Haynes

Certified Medium

Psychic Medium

"I began my Spiritual journey in 1999, when my Guardian Angel, Seraphiel, introduced himself to me.  I am a Healer, Certified Medium, Psychic, Artist, Mother & Grandmother.  My joy in Mediumship is being a "Bridge of Love and Healing" for Spirit to loved ones here on the Earth plane!  I am committed to service, and am so happy to be embraced by my Spiritual Family at Tangled roots Herbal.  I am available for private and group readings, as well as sacred space design & energy healing with a personal touch!"

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