Present Day Psychic Readings

 Spiritual Guidance Readings

Receive messages from your Spirit Guides and Angels.  They communicate loving insights concerning any challenges that are occurring in your life.  Their support and wisdom will be communicated to you in bringing forward into your life, the highest vibration of your soul's expression.

Preparation for Psychic Spiritual Readings

*Abstain from drugs or alcohol use prior to your reading.  This will ensure you are "clear" for these sessions and for the information to come through..  

* Do come in with an open mind and an open heart for a more fulfilling reading.  As in life, the flow of energy in a reading is more effective when people are open.

*If you have any questions, please hold them until the end of the reading.  Usually, these questions will have already be addressed in your reading.

Benefits of a Psychic/Spiritual Reading

*Receive loving wisdom and guidance from your Spirit Guides and Angels.

*Ask your Guides and Angels about possible career changes.

*Gain clarity and wisdom around challenging conditions and situations.

*Receive insight into your romantic life / relationships.

*Healing grief with the help of the other side.

Lori Haynes

Psychic Medium

"I began my Spiritual journey in 1999, when my Guardian Angel, Seraphiel, introduced himself to me.  I am a Healer, Certified Medium, Psychic, Artist, Mother & Grandmother.  My joy in Mediumship is being a "Bridge of Love and Healing" for Spirit to loved ones here on the Earth plane!  I am committed to service, and am so happy to be embraced by my Spiritual Family at Tangled roots Herbal.  I am available for private and group readings, as well as sacred space design & energy healing with a personal touch!"

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