Crystals 101

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Crystals 101.png

Crystals 101


In this hands on class, Lori gets real about crystals and stones and how they can seriously benefit our lives. Be prepared to get to know a variety of crystals as she’s got quite the collection!

Crystal energy and healing can benefit you if you:

  • feel lethargic or tired a lot

  • feel lost on your current spiritual, personal, or professional path

  • are constantly stressed or anxious

  • need an extra boost to your manifestation or spell work

  • are cleansing, clearing, or spring cleaning your house

and many, many more situations and circumstances!

Learn about the different geological families of stones, the energetic properties and benefits of a variety of stones, and how to use them to affect change in your life, health, and energy field. This is a great class for those new to crystal work, those who need a refresher, and those who want to take the Crystal Grids class the following week!

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