Soular Cell Healing Sessions

"For all healing ~ mental and material~ is attuning each atom of the body, each reflex of the brain, to awareness of the Divine that lies within each atom, each cell."  ~Edgar Cayce

Benefits of a Soular Cell Healing

*Enhancement of cellular health at the subatomic levels.

*Releasing of energy blockages

*Auric Cleansing and Clearing

*Pain Reduction

*Calms Anxiety, Eases Depression

*Lowers Blood Pressure

*Supports Immune Health & Balance

Preparation for a Soular Cell Healing Session

*Abstain from alcohol or drug use prior to your session. It's important to be "clear" for the session.

*Try to come in relaxed and in an open state of mind to receive the most benefits of the various healing energies.


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Lori Haynes

Certified Medium & Healer

In a 1 hour "SouLar Cell" healing, you will be guided through a short meditation as I call forward the "Guardians of Light."  I connect to your SouLar Cell and Sacred Geometry, as I bring forth messages of healing for you from the Angelic Realm. 

A "SouLar Cell" healing, is a combination of many modalities I have trained in over the years.  This type of healing was gifted to me by the Guardians of Light to serve and heal those in need of healing.  Every healing is unique to your needs.  Some of the things I may use are energy channeling, crystals, and color therapy.  You will leave feeling peace, balance and connection to your souls divine expression of love.

This type of Healing can be good to help alleviate pain, stuck energy, past traumas, and to re-connect to spirit and re-ground. 

I will also offer suggestions at the end of the session of things that can help to continue your healing at home.

Cost: $90 for 1 hour session.

~Lori Haynes


To Book a SouLar Cell Healing Call the Store:  (603) 864-8578