Angela DiMare-Messier, LMT, RMT

Angela DiMare-Messier, LMT, RMT


30 Min Reiki Massage: $40

60 Min Reiki Massage:  $80

75 Min Reiki Massage: $100

90 Min Reiki Massage: $120

Thursdays: $1/Min Chair Massages!

Reiki Massage Therapy

Angela is so thrilled to be working with Tangled Roots Herbal to provide bodywork and healing to its customers! A lifelong devotee of natural and holistic living, Angela is a massage therapist, Reiki master teacher, and herbalist. She claims an extensive background in energy work, aromatherapy, meditation, journeying, self care, and other holistic techniques. She frequently incorporates holistic techniques into everyday life – cooking, cleaning, hygiene, interpersonal relationships, even motherhood – and encourages others to do the same with easy tips and tricks she’s developed and mastered over the years.

A few years ago, Angela attended the birth of a friend as support and a doula; the experience was incredible and transformational. Ever since then, working with women through all stages of life has become the ultimate goal. Teaching girls (and their mothers!) to embrace menarche and healthy body images; working with women to balance hormone & menstrual cycles naturally; reclaiming the inner divine, ancestral power and magic we've lost throughout the years; facilitating open communication and inner growth regarding feminine topics frequently thought of as taboo. She incorporates massage, reiki, self care, herbalism, nutrition, spirituality, and life & wellness coaching into a single practice dedicated to helping women live fuller, more in tune lives.


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