Tuning Fork Therapy

to balance the chakras and jumpstart your energy!

tuning forks.png

Tuning forks are a tool used in healing sessions to re-calibrate a person’s energy field, which can serve to reduce pain, stress, tension, and promote emotional balance. They work by introducing specific vibrations based on the “tune” of each metal fork, based on the theory that our chakras, and our entire energy field, have various “correct” vibrations.

Lori Haynes uses a special set, where each fork is attuned to the frequency of a different chakra, to balance your energy and your symptoms based on their links to your different chakras. Its a wonderfully subtle, yet powerful, healing modality.

Sessions last 20 minutes, and are done sitting up in a chair and fully clothed. They’re perfect for walk in sessions for when you don’t have time for a full healing! Each session comes with guidance and tips from Lori.