A Witch's Guide to Energy Work


Don’t get caught up in all the fancy tools and tricks - the only thing you need to be successful in your magickal, spiritual, or witchcraft practice is right in your head!

Energy work - the ability to sense and manipulate the unseen forces that drive our world - is the basis for most other techniques and practices you will come across in the spiritual, new age world. Yet, despite its importance, this set of skills is so often watered down to simply healing, or even overlooked completely. A person could have the best, most expensive tools around, and those tools won’t do a thing if the practitioner doesn’t have the will to make it happen.

This class will teach the foundation of working with metaphysical energy in a way that’s easy, accessible, and applicable to a number of different practices and traditions, with a particular focus on manifestation and spellcraft. By the end, you’ll walk away with specific exercises and activities to develop your energetic senses, along with a guidebook filled with information, tips, and tricks to further your practice.

Monday, March 29  6pm