Real Moldavite

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We were able to source some prime quality pieces of Moldavite!

Look to Moldavite when you need to shake things up. It's a transformative stone and a wonderful heart chakra healer, but it can be overwhelming for people who are extra sensitive to energies, so it's best paired with a grounding stone like Tourmaline. There's no need to be scared of it as long as you understand how to use it!

Moldavite is a tektite, which is considered a gemstone but is actually a type of natural glass that forms when a meteorite impacts with Earth. Tektites are found all over the world, but Moldavite is rare because it's only found in one area of the Czech Republic and it's harvesting is regulated. The particular makeup of the earth in that area of the world is what gives Moldavite it's statement green color!