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Karen Steuer

About Owner, Karen Steuer

It’s my pleasure to continue the beautiful journey Sheryl Burns started here at Tangled Roots Herbal. I come at herbalism through nearly 20 years of self-study and using herbs and botanicals to build a thriving soap and skincare business (Hemlock Springs Soaps).

My background couldn’t be more removed from Herbalism…I started my professional life in college admissions, flirted with corporate sales (and didn’t really enjoy it!) and spent several years as a Training Consultant for a large University in Boston. After that, I spent a few years working with school districts around the country creating professional development training programs for K-12 teachers.

But herbalism and working with natural ingredients has always been something I’ve just done. I started making soap in 1999, and fell in love with the process and the possibilities. Then I started to learn how to make creams, lotions, balms, salves, tinctures, natural cleaning products and then in 2013 took my passion full time and spent the past 5+ years building Hemlock Springs Soaps.

A chance conversation with Sheryl in the spring of 2018 lead my husband (Paul) and I to seriously consider stepping into the huge shoes Sheryl and Tim created here, and became official in November 2018.

I’m ever so thankful for the warm welcome, and hope to spread the warm embrace, learn from you and with you as my journey here begins.