Angela M Messier, LMT, RMT - Lic#7135M

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a form of alternative manual therapy that uses gentle suction to bring healing to the soft tissues of the body. It is akin to a “reverse” massage; where massage uses pressure, cupping pulls up and away and creates space. This helps to increase circulation and blood flow, decrease pain and inflammation, and bring relaxation to the muscles akin to a deep tissue massage.

Cupping is wonderful as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with massage, Reiki, or lymphatic drainage, as it works to relieve tissue tension, stress and anxiety, and increase lymph flow. It is gentle and does not hurt, and doesn’t usually leave marks longer than a couple hours. Cupping marks are NOT bruises and should never be tender or painful.

We offer both silicone cups and glass fire cups in the studio. Silicone cups are great for deeper muscle work and using with other techniques, while fire cups introduce the hot fire chi energy that increases energy flow and vibration, perfect for a more energetic, spiritual experience.