Ionic Foot Detox Bath & Reflexology

What’s good for the sole is good for the soul! The feet are the foundation of the body; they take a beating from overuse, they affect our entire posture, and they’re what connect us to the Earth and her healing energy. Keeping your feet healthy and happy can improve your whole-body wellness.

Add an ionic foot detox bath or reflexology to your existing bodywork session, book as individual appointments, or indulge in our hour long Sole Healing package!

Sole Healing Foot Care

Come into the shop for a foot care overhaul! Enjoy a detoxifying ionic foot bath, followed by an herbal salt or sugar scrub and mini reflexology massage targeted to your unique wellness goals. You’ll get a printed chart and suggested self care tips to continue the detox and healing at home.

Ionic Foot Detox Bath

Ionic foot baths are beneficial to our overall health by helping to purge the system of built up toxic residue we naturally pick up in our daily lives. They have been shown to purge heavy metals from the body, balance the pH, reduce inflammation, and more.


Salt & Sugar Scrubs

Herbal scrubs continue the healing by incorporating sea salt, magnesium, and specially chosen herbs into a skin care treatment that helps our body inside and out. The skin is the largest organ we have, our first line of defense from outside toxins, chemicals, bacteria, etc. Keeping our skin cleansed, hydrated, and healthy naturally helps boost the immune system, preventing illness from entering the body and helping our natural healing combat what does get through.




Massage and reflexology cap off the session by increasing healthy blood flow to recently detoxed areas, rejuvenating tired muscles in the feet and lower legs, and sending healing energy to affected areas of the body. Reflexology promotes a healthy healing response to corresponding parts of the body, and can help send needed energy to areas recently detoxed from the foot bath. It’s also super relaxing!

Or call the shop to reserve your Sole Healing session!  (603) 864-8578