Christine Lenihan

Available Thursday through Saturday in December, Tuesday through Wednesday starting 2022

Christine is an empath, energy healer and Traditionalist Witch High Priestess. Since a young age she knew she was an intuitive and learned that this gift was passed down through her maternal linage. Growing up with Irish & English heritage she was always drawn to the Celtic lore and she is now a Celtic Traditionalist Gwyddonaid High Priestess and runs her own coven locally. 

Christine is talented in the Tarot and has been reading for over 20 years. She has helped numerous people from all around the world when she worked in Salem, MA connect to their intuition and guide them on their path, whether it was work, love or other desires. Using Tarot is a simple but effective way to tap into your intuition and find your spark for life. 



Diane Bower

Available Fridays

Diane is a native of New Hampshire.  She is an empath and intuitive who has been drawn to all things metaphysical from a very young age.  Her first love is divination using oracle and tarot cards.  However over the years she has embraced other studies to include Reiki, Mediumship and Akashic records.  These additional studies have further developed her intuitive abilities giving her readings depth and richness.  She is very comfortable and well versed with both oracle and tarot divination.  She uses her intuition to tap into the current energy surrounding her client to provide them clarity and insight.  She uses a dynamic reading style to craft spreads to suit the situation and delivers messages in a gentle, yet straight forward manner giving her clients the information needed to take action.  Diane feels that the cards are a tool for self-reflection and improvement.  The symbols embedded in the cards speaks to us, similar to an ink blot test.  The cards bring forth that which may be locked in our subconscious, that which our all observing inner-self already knows.  Diane also feels that a tarot reading unfolds possible futures not ones set in stone.  We all have free will to enact positive changes which shift the future.