Chakra Healing
What Are Our Chakras?  These are our energy centers of our physical body connected to all of our 7 glandular systems which affects our all over health, balance and well-being.

Energy Tune-Ups

Are you in need of an energy "tune-up?"
Just as our physical bodies are in need of nutrients, water, oxygen, sunlight, and exercise, our energy systems or "chakras"can become depleted and clogged. These blockages begin in the layers of our auric field and eventually affect our physical health.
A Vibrational Healing session supports your body's personal balance and re-activates harmony through all chakras as well as clears various "energetic debris" in your auric field. This strengthens your field and supports full access for receiving alignment and attunement to your Soul's energy, supporting you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually!
Lori is a certified vibrational and Reiki practitioner of 16 years of service.  Learn More about Lori's extensive training.
15 min $30.  Call the store to book an Appointment.
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