Judith Seidl

Judith Seidl is a claircognizant(clear knowing) whose lineage is an Earth Mother who lives and practices “The Way Of The Goddess.”  She has an intimate relationship with Gaia, our Mother Earth, our home that is a main ingredient to the services Judith offers.  Her “gift” is her connection to the sacred feminine nurturing energies of love and compassion. She has a natural ability to “assist” those in their own spiritual search and healing process. Through her own  spiritual healing journey, she has also learned to embrace the divine masculine energies of gentle strength and power.  She is devoted to sharing this life altering healing process with all who are open to receiving it.  Judith is also a gifted intuitive who incorporates ceremony and ritual into her Wise Woman ~ Readings & Healing practice.


Judith Seidl, being a claircognizant (clear knowing)  and her ancestral lineage, is gifted with  a unique approach of offering messages, guidance, and clarity to  others.  Each reading engages the feminine energies of Gaia, our Mother Earth to promote balance, harmony, and meaning in your daily life. Trees, animals, plants and/or birds may bring forth a message especially pertinent to you. There is also an opportunity to unlock/uncover your own unique potentials and/or possibilities to move forward with your heart’s desires. Each reading is offered with the” Mother Energies” of love, compassion and respect.
30 min.  $45  / 60 min  $90
July 24th  10am - 6pm
Please contact the shop to schedule an appointment  (603) 864-8578