365 Days of Love

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Reflect on the magic and meaning of love in your life with a year of daily meditations by the author of Coming Apart and The Future of Love.

Love is one of the most powerful forces we can experience in this world. It touches us in unexpected and profound ways each day, but it can also confuse and confound us at times. Popular self-help author and relationship counselor Daphne Rose Kingma writes with startling clarity on the subject of love and its many facets. She guides readers through the various elements and expressions of love with each page of this book.

There is love to be found in each day of our lives if we know how to look for and practice it. By reflecting on Kingma’s daily meditations, we are provided with a guide to a loving and compassionate life. This little book serves to inspire, affirm, remind, encourage, support, and comfort each person who picks it up. With her characteristic prose and warmhearted style, Kingma has crafted a source of love to be shared with readers of all ages.