Angels Voices [CD]

The mystery and beauty of the feminine voice combines with intoxicating electro-organic beats in this super-chilled set of lush downtempo electronica. Today's finest female vocalists in modern electronica - Helene Horlyck, Irina Mikhailova, Suzanne Sterling, Sophia, and Darshini are featured in these entrancing ethereal tracks. Artists such as Achillea (Enigma co-founder Jens Gad), Artemisia (Buddha-Lounge co-creator Steve Gordon), Hands On Black Earth, Sophia, and Karmacosmic & Darshini take you on a mesmerizing ethereal journey.. Expertly hand-selected and compiled for yoga, dance, relaxation and late-night listening by Yogafit founder Beth Shaw and perfectly sequenced and mixed by our award-winning DJs the Gordon Brothers (Buddha-Lounge, Hotel Tara, Cafe de Luna). The pulsing synthesizers, atmospheric electric guitars, hypnotic grooves and earthy world percussion in these mystically beautiful grooves intermingle with and weave around dreamy alluring feminine voices. Let these sensuous vocals and hypnotic beats entice you to dance, trance, and relax.