Birthday Box

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Our very own Birthday Box! Only 12 are available.

We curated a special box just for you, focusing on the themes of abundance (of health, wealth and joy) as well as it being a box of self-care! We commissioned a special candle JUST for our birthday month, full of the sweet and gentle scent of Japanese Yuzu, and topped with citrine, and lemon & orange peel. 

Settle into a comfy space, light your candle, whisper intentions into a lovely chunk of raw citrine, and cozy up with a special blend of tea, just right for the moment. We've whipped up a lovely blend of herbs to bring calm and peace. Open up your new leather journal and jot down thoughts, ideas, poetry and potion recipes! 

You'll also find other lovely self-care items included (we want there to be an element of SOME surprise!) Birthday boxes are worth over $65 for just $49. Once they go, they go!  (Please note, shipping will commence 8/15 for all boxes!)