Conscious Creation

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We are all creating every moment we are alive. Every thought, belief and action is a creation. But most of us are not choosing the majority of things that are actually creating our lives. From the commercials of disease that we watch to the conversations of lack and fear we have over coffee, most of us are unconsciously focusing our energy to create the very things we don't want. Most of us are not consciously aware that when we say, "I am _______________", is a direction to our subconscious to create that statement. If we do not consciously create, we become created upon. Conscious Creation is easy. But we must choose to love ourselves enough to live consciously in the magnificence of who we truly are. We are here to be happy. When we consciously choose to live in love, celebrate our power, demonstrate our abundance and contribute positively to the Creative Force, there is nothing we cannot experience as joy and success. We are created magnificent. Choose to know that. Choose to be conscious of creating your life. Choose. Love. Demonstrate. Celebrate. You are here to be happy.