Embrace Your Inner Empath


Feeling like you understand or feel emotions and experiences of others like they're your own?

Have people always referred to you as over-emotional or too sensitive? 

And are you overwhelmed by all of these feels?

This online class is for people who are empathic; they feel others' emotions and sometimes even experiences as their own. We'll create a safe space in which you'll come to understand what it means to be an empath, and we will teach you specific tools and techniques on how to harness your energies and how to control and protect yourself from that feeling of "overwhelm." Our goal is to transform these feelings into the wonderful gift it is to be an empath!
Date: Thursday, May 20   2pm
Cost: $25

This is an online class held via Zoom; details will be sent out a few days before class

We cannot exchange or refund cost after registration