Evolution Of The Spirit

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Our Journey Through the Universe

Where does spiritual information come from?
How can such things be known in the first place?
Can they be proven to be right or wrong?
How does one know the things written in it are true?

Discover within this book:
•Planes of the Universe
•The Law of Karma
•The Cycle of Reincarnation
•Kingdoms of Nature
•Cycles of Evolution
•Our Extraterrestrial Cousins
•Astral Projection
•Mastering the Personality

A Vision of our Future Everything in this book is thought to be true, but also parts may be inaccurate if not completely wrong. The goal is not to say 'this is the answer' and get people to blindly accept that and stop questioning and learning, but rather the opposite: To inspire and encourage people to discover more about spirituality and ultimately, find their own answers and purpose.