Pregnant With Heart And Soul

Pregnancy and giving birth are highly earthbound and spiritual experiences at the same time. As far as the earthly side of things is concerned, investment of time and attention is of course obvious. In our culture we are submerged in preventive care and useful pieces of advice. The soul side—of the unborn as well as the parents-to-be—gets little attention. This book aims to fill this gap.

Pregnant With Heart and Soul wishes to inspire you, as a parent-to-be, and help you focus on the emotional and spiritual aspects during pregnancy, birth, and maternity. It’s a book full of experiences, help, and suggestions. The central theme is the view that from as early on as conception, you can make contact with your baby. You can do this by means of internal conversation and with the help of exercises including dancing with your unborn child. For that you can make use of the music and visualizations on the accompanying CD.

Pregnant With Heart and Soul also shows how to cope with fear and tension and what role the father can have during pregnancy and birth. Parents-to-be get tips on how to welcome the baby and to celebrate his or her birth. Pregnancy coaches will find all sorts of ideas that can be integrated into their own way of working. Pregnant with Heart and Soul is a book that is born from the authors’ heart.