Sacred Plant Organics Loose Leaf Tea

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The vast majority of the plants used in Sacred Plant Organics products are respectfully & sustainably wild-crafted, or grown at the permaculture forest garden, on their property in the Appalachian mountains of Southwestern Virginia. Sacred Plant Organics is a ritual; a life long affinity for wild and vibrant plants, sparked by ancestors, sustained by the land that nurtures us, and rooted in the synergistic science of herbalism.

Faerie Tea

Pour yourself a cup, and come frolic with the Fae folk. A deliciously calming tea; hand gathered, sifted and blended by us.

Immune Boost

A bright and refreshing blend of our favorite immune boosting herbs; hand gathered, sifted and blended by us.

Wise Woman

A delicious blend of calming and nurturing allies for wise women of all ages. Hand gathered, sifted and blended by us.

All teas are packaged in resealable 3oz bags. Approximately 45 servings if steeped once - quality loose leaf teas can be steeped at least twice)

caffeine free