So Potent Art: The Magic of Shakespeare

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Omens, Alchemy, and Occult Wisdom in the Works of the Great Bard
Shakespeare's plays and sonnets are steeped in magic and esoteric lore. So Potent Art explores fascinating examples of astrology, alchemy, and Hermeticism in addition to herbalism, witchcraft, fairies, ghosts, and divine intervention. This book also reveals the deeper archetypal structures of the plays and shows how the sacred architecture of the historical theater space enhances Shakespeare's magical themes.
Author Emily Carding, a Wiccan initiate and theater professional who specializes in staging Shakespeare, discusses the influence of esoteric writers such as Ovid, Agrippa, and John Dee on The Winter's Tale, The Tempest, Macbeth, and other Shakespearean works. Each chapter is accompanied by practical suggestions, rituals, and exercises for you to try, enhancing your understanding not only of the great bard’s writings but also of yourself.