As we gaze up at the night sky on a chilly night in March, we'll be greeted by the enchanting glow of the Full Worm Moon. But what exactly is the Full Worm Moon, and why is it such a special occasion in the realm of spirituality and witchcraft?

The Full Worm Moon, also known as the Lenten Moon or Crow Moon, marks the time when the earth begins to thaw, and earthworms start to emerge from the soil. This lunar event typically falls in March, heralding the arrival of spring and the renewal of life in nature. It's a time of transition, growth, and awakening after the dormant winter months.

What makes the Full Worm Moon particularly noteworthy is its significance in aligning our energy with the lunar cycle. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, so too do our own energies ebb and flow. By tuning into the rhythms of the moon, we can harness its power to amplify our intentions, release what no longer serves us, and manifest our desires.

Want some ideas on things you can do to harness the moon's cycle?

Set Intentions: Use the energy of the Full Worm Moon to set clear intentions for the coming lunar cycle. Whether you're focusing on personal growth, abundance, or healing, take time to visualize your goals and write them down with conviction.

Release Ritual: Just as the earth sheds its winter cloak, we too can release what no longer serves us during the Full Worm Moon. Perform a releasing ritual by writing down anything you wish to let go of – whether it's negative emotions, limiting beliefs, or old patterns – and burn the paper as a symbolic act of release.

Connect with Nature: Spend time outdoors connecting with the natural world during the Full Worm Moon. Take a walk in the woods, tend to your garden, or simply sit under the moonlight and feel the earth's energy flowing through you.

Moon Bathing: Embrace the magic of moon bathing by basking in the moon's glow on the night of the Full Worm Moon. Find a comfortable spot outside, preferably where you can see the moon clearly, and meditate, journal, or simply soak up the lunar energy.

Divination: The Full Worm Moon is an excellent time for divination and intuitive practices. Break out your tarot cards, pendulum, or scrying mirror and seek guidance from the spirit realm. Trust your intuition and let the moonlight illuminate your path.

Cleansing and Charging: Take advantage of the heightened energy of the Full Worm Moon to cleanse and charge your crystals, ritual tools, and sacred spaces. Place them under the moonlight overnight to infuse them with lunar energy and amplify their properties.

As we embrace the magic of the Full Worm Moon, let us harness its transformative energy to plant seeds of intention, release what holds us back, and welcome the abundance and growth that spring brings. May this lunar event illuminate our paths and inspire us to live in harmony with the cycles of nature and the cosmos. Blessed be! 🌕🪄🌱

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Karen Steuer
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