Since we have the amazing ladies of Earthen Moon joining us again for an exciting class on making your very own Prayer Feathers, I thought I would write a little about what they are and why we use them in our practice of cleansing.

Sacred Prayer Feathers

Beautiful Prayer Feather Fan made in our last class!

Native Americans believed their prayers and messages were sent to spirit on the wings of many great birds, such as the Eagle and the Hawk.   Each different type of feather carried different spiritual meanings to them.  Feathers were used in headdresses for sacred ceremonies and to make smudging fans to honor the Great Spirit, the Earth, and all the creatures of the earth.

Prayer Feathers are used in smudging because it is said to carry your thoughts, words, feelings and intentions to the Great Spirit.  Each time you look at your Sacred Prayer Feather your wishes, prayers and intentions are again carried out into the Great Heavens.  

When saging in ceremony, sage in all 6 directions: East, West, South, North, Earth (Below), and Sky (Above).  So why do we Sage?  Saging can help to clear the energy of the room.  It promotes balance, peace, and a relaxed and calm energy.   It can help to alleviate depression & anxiety.  I sage often before meditation to create the positive space I need to connect with Spirit.  I also sage our home frequently to help keep me grounded and in a positive space.  The best part is the aroma is wonderful and it makes me feel fantastic! 

If you are interested in learning more, I highly suggest our upcoming class.  Learn about the different meanings of feathers and create a personalized Sacred Prayer Feather Fan, full of all your own intentions!  For more information on the class Click Here

Feather Fan Class $67.  Saturday, October 1st 2-4pm.  Class size is limited to 5 people.  Register: 603-864-8578

Sheryl Burns