Element: Fire, Water

Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus

Part of the calcite group…forming from manganese carbonate…this stunningly pink stone is mesmerizing to behold.

I think I squeal in utter delight every time I see rhodochrosite. 

Not just because I find the appearance of it’s pinky-greyish swirls and lines fascinating, but because those swirls and lines and colors just show love and how it moves and changes and bends over time. 

And we’re talking about in-ward directed love. 

The stone of love and healing

This stone is all about loving and healing the inner child within all of us. 

This stone encourages us all to face our inner demons, our past traumas, and have the courage and optimism to do the hard work of healing ourselves and releasing that which does not serve us. 

The energy it takes to repress those memories can drain you of your vitality and prevent your from realizing your potential.

The space and courage to work through the tough stuff

Rhodochrosite can assist in the tremendously difficult work of emotional healing, specifically when it comes to reliving and releasing trauma. 

A practice with the stone:

Direct your intentions inward to find love, forgiveness and healing from past memories and difficulties. Allow your inner being to acknowledge and then release past pains to breakdown the barrier to your heart. Allow your own true self-love to flow to you. 

It gives us the space and courage to love ourselves through recovery. 

I wear it to help ease tension and anxiety as it is a gentle, soothing stone that helps remind me to be the creative and expressive child I was - and to have fun. <3

~ Karen

Karen Steuer