One of the most common questions we get around the shop is all about energetic cleansing. 

How do we do it? 

How often should we do it? 

What tools do we need?

While it can certainly seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before, let me assure you…

It’s actually pretty easy!

Cleansing your home (or your car, or your office, or even yourself) doesn’t need to be complicated or lengthy to get the job done. 

Everyone’s method will be a little different. There are so many different tools and techniques for cleansing that you’re only limited by your imagination! 

The purpose of cleansing your space is to lift heavy, negative energy and create an environment that’s easy, healthy, and full of light. Keep that in mind, and you can’t go wrong.

To help you get started, we’ve got five tips to spruce up any cleansing routine. 

  1. Cleanse to your situation.

Different situations may call for different types of tools, so keep your mind open and evaluate what you’re trying to accomplish before you just reach for the white sage (again).

If you need to purge or banish, smoke cleansing (like burning herb bundles or incense sticks) is wonderful. 

But using smoke doesn’t make sense for every space.

If you want to cleanse a space after sickness, try asperging (sprinkling or flicking water around a space) with blessed waters or Florida water.

If you can’t use scent or smoke, then sound cleansing like bells, drums, singing bowls or even clapping can help move energy without resorting to consumable items that may leave lingering smells.

You can use stones like Selenite or Kyanite, placed strategically around a space, to cleanse and maintain the energy after you’re done.

You can even combine methods for a deeper, stronger cleanse if you need to!

  1. Fill what you cleanse.

Cleansing is removing energy. It’s creating a void, so it's important to fill that void intentionally before someone else does.

When you set out to cleanse your space, create an intention you want the cleansing to achieve.

“I am peaceful.”

“Happiness grows here.”

“We are healthy and fulfilled.”

When you start your cleansing, move counterclockwise around the room (the traditional direction for banishing or releasing) and then repeat your actions while moving clockwise and stating your intention out loud.

This makes sure that whatever space you create by purging out the old energy is filled with what you truly want.

  1. Cleanse where you clean.

Energy collects where dust and clutter collect. 

When we live in a space, the energy naturally gets shaken up in areas we spend a lot of time.

We laugh; we breathe; we experience different emotions.

The energy has less opportunity to move in areas that we don’t often touch. This is where you should focus your attention.

When moving around your space, focus on places you would clean:

  • Under, above, and behind furniture
  • In corners
  • Around windows and doorways
  • In closets, etc
  1. Create simple rituals.

Cleansing the energy of your spaces, like cleaning your home or body, is something you should do regularly.

Set a time and mark it on the calendar (but remember to be flexible with yourself too). This way you can plan around your routines and know when and what to expect.

Doing the same actions, saying the same words, and using the same tools every time can create a trigger in your brain that makes it easier to get into the right headspace. 

This makes intentional cleansing easier and more effective.

  1. Trust your intuition.

No single tool, method, or routine is going to work for everyone. 

Learn the different options at your disposal (and pop into the shop to ask us questions!) 

But remember, at the end of the day, you will know what, how, and when to cleanse your space - because its yours

No one knows your energy and your needs better than you do, so learn to listen to your gut and trust it when you get the push to do things a certain way. 

Your intuition is guiding you that way for a reason.

Ultimately, don’t get wrapped up in doing things the “right” way. 

With so many different tools and techniques available to you, there is no “right way” to cleanse your energy - there’s just your way. Your intention is what matters most.

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Angela Messier