Let’s take a moment to uncover the secrets of this foundation energy center, its connections, discover the signs of an imbalance, learn how to effectively clear stagnant energy and see how this Chakra is of profound importance in our lives!

Understanding the Root Chakra

Also know as Muladhara in Sanskrit, it’s the first of the traditional seven chakras, and is located at the base of your spine and is associated with the vibrant color of red.  

It’s this chakra that is truly an anchor of our entire energy system, and represents stability and security and our connection to the physical world


The Root Chakra is connected to various parts of our being:

Physical Body - it is the primary ruler of our physical well-being, our vitality, our overall sense of grounding. Physically is supports our skeletal system, legs, feet and immune system. 

Emotions - If you are grounded and your Root Chakra is balanced, you’re facing life’s challenges with resilience, a strong sense of well-being and self-worth, and loads of courage. YAY YOU!

Survival - this Chakra connects us to our primal instincts and need for shelter, food, and that we are safe and taking care of ourselves.

Community - The Root Chakra is deeply connected to our sense of belonging. It’s not just relationships with family, but with ancestors and our wider, tribal community and identity.

Earth Connection - Grounding our Root Chakra forms a deep bond with the Earth, giving us the foundation on which we build our energetic system.


When your Root Chakra is out of whack, you might experience this common signs of imbalance:

Anxiety and fear, excessive worrying, and a bit of a fear of the unknown.

Lack of confidence is another big sign of imbalance - you might be having a difficult time trusting yourself and others, perhaps experiencing low self-esteem and need validation from outside sources.

Financial instability (I know…it’s weird!) but if you’re struggling with money or having a difficult time manifesting abundance, your Root Chakra needs some love.

Feeling disconnected, or scattered, or just floating through life is another sign your Root is out of balance.

Restoring Harmony

Here are some pretty simple and effective techniques you can use to clear and rebalance and harmony to your Root Chakra:


So many crystals to choose from!  Black Onyx, Obsidian, Tourmaline, Red Jasper, and Garnet are exceptional crystals for clearing and balancing the Root Chakra. 

Each of these crystals possesses unique properties that resonate with the grounding and stabilizing energy of the Root Chakra. 

Black Onyx provides strength and protection, shielding us from negative energies and promoting emotional stability. 

Obsidian aids in releasing past traumas and fears, allowing for deep healing and grounding. Tourmaline acts as a powerful protector, purifying and transmuting negative energies into positive vibrations. 

Red Jasper enhances stability, endurance, and courage, while Garnet ignites a sense of passion and vitality, infusing the Root Chakra with renewed energy. 

Together, these crystals create a harmonious synergy, assisting us in clearing blockages and restoring balance to our foundational energy center.

Physical Activity

Walking, doing yoga, anything that focuses on your lower body/extremities that connects you with the earth can help connect you to the Root Chakra and provide grounding, strength and stability.


In your mind’s eye, picture a bright and vibrant red energy at the base of your spine, sensing the changes within your energetic body as it helps activate that Chakra and provides additional stability.


Ginger root, known for its warming and invigorating properties, can play a significant role in cleansing and balancing the Root Chakra. 

When consumed or used in healing practices, ginger root stimulates the digestive system, promoting a sense of stability and nourishment. Its fiery energy helps to dispel stagnation and emotional blockages that may be affecting the Root Chakra. 

By incorporating ginger root into your diet or using it in teas, you can harness its grounding qualities to clear energetic imbalances and restore a strong connection to the Earth, fostering a sense of stability and vitality within the Root Chakra.

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Come back next week when we take a deep dive into the Sacral Chakra!

Karen Steuer