Energy cleansing waters are used in various spiritual and wellness practices to cleanse or purify a person's aura or space. While specific rituals and uses can vary depending on the cultural or spiritual tradition, here are some general ways people might use energy cleansing waters:

  1. Creating the Cleansing Water: Often, cleansing waters are infused with herbs, essential oils, or crystals that are believed to have purifying properties. Common ingredients might include sage, lavender, rosemary, sea salt, or quartz crystals. The water is typically set with an intention or prayer.

  2. Personal Cleansing: Some people use cleansing waters in their personal hygiene routine, adding a few drops to their bath water or dabbing it on their body. It's believed that this can help to wash away negative energy.

  3. Cleansing Spaces: Sprinkling cleansing water around a home or workspace is believed to help clear negative energies and protect the area. It's often used in rituals involving moving into a new home or after a negative event has occurred in a space.

  4. Cleansing Objects: Objects like crystals, jewelry, or even tools used for spiritual practices may be cleansed by gently wiping them with the water or placing them in a bowl of cleansing water.

  5. Meditation and Prayer: During meditation or prayer, cleansing water might be used to anoint oneself or to set a purified space for the practice.

It's important to note that these practices are spiritual or symbolic and the effectiveness is largely based on personal belief and intention. Always be mindful and respectful of cultural and spiritual practices, especially if they are not part of your own heritage.

Karen Steuer