“When women come together in a circle with a shared intention, magic happens.”

Across cultures and continents, women have gathered in circles for centuries. These gatherings were a means to share stories, wisdom, and support. In the hustle and bustle of our modern world, the idea of sitting in a circle with fellow women might seem quaint, but the concept of Women’s Circles is experiencing a resurgence, and for good reason. Let's delve into what they are and the myriad benefits they offer.

What are Women’s Circles?

At their core, Women’s Circles are gatherings of women who come together to share and listen, to learn and grow, and to lend support to one another. 

These gatherings can be spiritual, therapeutic, educational, or simply social. 

They can be rooted in ancient traditions or be modern and innovative in approach. 

The key element is the intentional creation of a safe and nurturing space where every woman feels heard, seen, and valued.


What Can You Expect to Learn and Do?

While every Women's Circle may differ in its structure and intention, here are some common aspects:

Unlike our everyday interactions, in a Women’s Circle, every woman gets a chance to speak her truth without interruption or judgment. Deep listening fosters understanding and empathy.

The collective experience and wisdom of the group become available to every participant. Whether it's insights from lived experiences, ancestral knowledge, or new learnings, the shared wisdom is vast and invaluable.

Many circles incorporate elements of meditation, grounding exercises, and rituals that honor the feminine divine.

From dance and art to journaling and singing, creative outlets are often an integral part of these gatherings, allowing women to express themselves freely.

By sharing stories of resilience, challenges, successes, and vulnerabilities, women empower each other. There’s an inherent strength in shared experiences.

Why Would You Benefit from Attending?

In an age where loneliness is rampant, Women’s Circles offer genuine connections. They provide a sense of belonging and foster deep bonds.

Plus, the insights, reflections, and shared wisdom in these circles can be instrumental in personal growth and self-awareness.

Whether you're going through a personal challenge or celebrating a milestone, the circle provides a steadfast support system.

The intentional creation of a non-judgmental and confidential environment means that you can be your authentic self without any reservations.

The collective energy of a Women’s Circle can be both invigorating and healing. 


Women's Circles are not just meetings; they're an embrace of collective feminine energy, wisdom, and support. They stand as a testament to the age-old adage that there’s strength in unity. 

Whether you're seeking personal growth, community, or a deeper connection to your feminine essence, a Women's Circle might be just what you need. 

And remember, while the circle may begin and end at a particular time, its effects, learnings, and connections ripple out into your everyday life, enriching it in ways you might never have imagined.


Check out our Women's Circles - usually held on the Thursday closest to the New Moon! 

Karen Steuer