Energy. Healing work. Protection. Meditation. Grounding. Or just to have near you.  

From Agate to Zoisite
Singing Bowls to Crystal Wands
We carry over 175 different crystals and stones

Crystals can support us in ways we can’t see but we can feel...isn’t that powerful?

Activate your energy, meditate for mindset, stir up your chakra or add a little protection you carry in your pocket.

However you use them, all our crystals and stones are chosen with intention and are ready for your altar, your healing practice, or even just riding around in your Jeep.

When it comes to calming, we have stones like Dumortierite for patience and calming related to communication.

Or calming Rainbow Moonstone for security when starting over.

Looking for more clarity?

Beautiful golden and crystal Citrine brings clarity, clear inspiration and creativity.

While Black Moonstone, a stone of "feeling", helps with emotional clarity, healing past trauma, opening blockages, and enhancing intuition.

To stunning stone points to align or unblock energy, and raise up universal life force while healing with Reiki and Reflexology.

Earth’s secrets and the mysteries within the stones are a reminder of your intentions.

Picking your crystals and stones

Getting to know a crystal starts by spending time looking at it. Notice its various angles and imperfections. Feel the stone with your fingers.

Like motion under the surface of the stone - some have so much depth it's easy to get lost in admiring the natural beauty!

Over time you will learn it and know its energy. What you feel and how strongly you feel it will increase and change the more you work with them.

Put your hand over various crystals and go to what intuitively calls to you.

There really are no rules.

Play and have fun!

Round out your collection with…

Books. We have books for beginners (to enhance your learning) and for the more seasoned practitioner.

Plus Crystal Grids, Jewelry, Crystal Point keychains, and hand-forged Wands for your practice or to keep your crystals and stones with you 24/7.