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Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Drainage is a method of massage that stimulates your lymphatic system to improve your immune system, manage stress, and reduce swelling throughout the body. The lymphatic system is directly tied to the immune system, but does not "pump" the same way our circulatory system does, and needs external stimulation to get it moving - something as simple as walking and measured breathing to something more directed like massage and stretching all helps to get the flow of lymph going. This is why we tend to get sicker easier when living a more sedentary lifestyle! Lymphatic Drainage as a modality works to mimic the direction and flow of the lymphatic system in a slow, deliberate, intentional way, and is great for flu season, to help heal scars, and as a gentle form of bodywork for clients with trauma.

Lymphatic Drainage may benefit you if you:

·       Have a sluggish immune system

·       Are currently working through physical or emotional trauma

·       Cannot handle the intensity of other forms of massage

·       Are trying to heal recent scar tissue

·       Experience chronic low energy

·       Have trouble dealing with stress

·       Suffer from seasonal allergies