Welcome to the Tangled Roots Family!

Meet our team of talented herbalists, psychics, bodyworkers, witches, and intuitives, all ready to help with all your holistic and spiritual needs.


Karen Steuer


It’s my pleasure to continue the beautiful journey Sheryl Burns started here at Tangled Roots Herbal. I come at herbalism through nearly 20 years of self-study and using herbs and botanicals to build a thriving soap and skincare business (Hemlock Springs Soaps).

My background couldn’t be more removed from Herbalism…I started my professional life in college admissions, flirted with corporate sales (and didn’t really enjoy it!) and spent several years as a Training Consultant for a large University in Boston. After that, I spent a few years working with school districts around the country creating professional development training programs for K-12 teachers.

But herbalism and working with natural ingredients has always been something I’ve just done. I started making soap in 1999, and fell in love with the process and the possibilities. Then I started to learn how to make creams, lotions, balms, salves, tinctures, natural cleaning products and then in 2013 took my passion full time and spent the past 5+ years building Hemlock Springs Soaps.

A chance conversation with Sheryl in the spring of 2018 lead my husband (Paul) and I to seriously consider stepping into the huge shoes Sheryl and Tim created here, and became official in November 2018.

I’m ever so thankful for the warm welcome, and hope to spread the warm embrace, learn from you and with you as my journey here begins.



Angela Messier

Assistant Manager, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Herbalist, Witch

Angela is a licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Herbalist, and practicing Witch with a deep love of all things weird and mystical. They are absolutely thrilled to step into the role of Assistant Manager, in addition to seeing private massage & energy work clients and teaching classes for the amazing shop community. Angela considers Tangled Roots a second home!

As a child, Angela loved all things weird & witchy. Topics of interest & knowledge include herbalism, self care & mental health, spellwork, mythology & lore, energy work, and education: they specialize in guiding and teaching newer practitioners and witches not just the basics, but how to discern information and build a practice that is unique and effective.

As a Bodyworker, Angela loves to help clients and customers with holistic self care, mental health, and personal empowerment through spirituality and witchcraft. Training includes lymphatic drainage, scar tissue management, cupping therapy, stress relief & emotional balance. Angela loves to work with clients with mental health struggles and neurodivergency, and strives to create a safe and sacred environment for marginalized communities, specifically local LGBTQIA+ clients.

Angela is also an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church and helps facilitate circles, sabbats, baby blessings, weddings, funerals, cleansings, home blessings, and any other rituals you'd like. They work with you to build the ceremony that best fits you and your needs, regardless of belief or how "strange" the inquiry may seem.

In their personal life, Angela works with charity organizations like Children’s Miracle Network and the Human Rights Campaign. They love building community and creating accessible content on witchcraft and spirituality on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Angela enjoys their downtime reading books, playing video games, and spending quality time with family and friends.


Christine Lenihan

Reader (Tarot, Palmistry, Psychometry), Reiki Master, Health Coach

Christine is an empath, energy healer and Traditionalist Witch High Priestess. Since a young age she knew she was an intuitive and learned that this gift was passed down through her maternal linage. Growing up with Irish & English heritage she was always drawn to the Celtic lore and she is now a Celtic Traditionalist Gwyddonaid High Priestess and runs her own coven locally.

Learning Palmistry was a true passion for Christine. Discovering what the lines, mounts and symbols mean in the hand of family and friends sparked a desire to help other find what their lines means to them. She loves helping people connect authentically with themselves.

Christine is also talented in the Tarot and has been reading for over 20 years. She has helped numerous people from all around the world when she worked in Salem, MA connect to their intuition and guide them on their path, whether it was work, love or other desires. Using Tarot is a simple but effective way to tap into your intuition and find your spark for life.

Christine is also gifted with Psychometry. What is Psychometry you ask? Simple answer: It is the ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. Have an item you can carry into the shop and Christine will be able to read the energy of the object.

Christine strives to help others not only find peace in their spirituality but also within their physical body. As a Certified Independent Health Coach with Optavia, she will coach and guide you to achieve one healthy habit at a time striving to reach Optimal Health and a better lifestyle. As she is aware of how stressful life is these days, nutrition is important to maintain a healthy balance in life, work and finances. 

Reiki is a complete system of self healing and can be implemented to help you release old emotional patterns. As a Reiki Master Teacher Christine can help you process through the pressures of career, relationships, and finances. 

Christine is also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. She believes in making your ceremony truly reflect what your commitment means to you and your significant other. She will collaborate with you on what specifics you would like for your special day. She offers free consultations. Christine can perform ceremonies in most dominations and non-denominational. Types of services offered are: Marriages, Same-Sex Marriages, Renewal of Vows, Hand-fastings, Baptisms, Funerals, Christenings, House Blessings, Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, Spiritual Guidance.

Photography of Tarot Reader Brian Coolidge

Brian Coolidge

Professional Tarot Reader

Brian is an empathically intuitive reader, using the Tarot as his tool. He's been reading Tarot cards professionally since 2007 at colleges, businesses, and private home sesttings. Brian learned his trade by first reading for friends and random people at college, but then received format training with Cathy Crocker, who has been reading for 40+ years. 
Brian is an avid collector of Tarot decks, and each one has its own personality. His Celtic Tarot Deck has been with him for his whole professional journey, and can be the "gentle hammer of truth" as he defines it. The Disney Villains deck can be a little more mischievous and fun! Whether it's a specific question you have, or are just seeking to general "state of you" type of reading, Brian has the right deck for you (and better yet, YOU get to pick the deck he reads!) 
Murder of Crows - Emo, Stark, Blunt
Salvador Dali - Crazy Energy
Dungeons & Dragons - Mysterious, Adventurous
Brian works well with clients of all ages, including children and truly is inspired by the energy of those seeking readings.  Brian is available on alternating Saturdays and is a genuinely gifted reader. 



Lori Haynes

Reader (Psychic, Past Lives, Medium), Energy Worker

Lori Haynes is a Psychic, Certified Spiritual Medium, and Healing Practitioner. She combines her skills along with vibrational healing, heart coherence breathwork, and intuitive consulting to bring you healing and guidance.

She is a lover of our natural world, and sentient beings, seen and unseen, who tend to our Earth Mother. Healing and Teaching are her passions in life. Her service is to assist you in re-connecting to your natural abilities, gifts, and skills.

Your Divine Soul has specialties you will reconnect with and practice in a comfortable and supportive environment. In group settings, all are equal within the community.

She has certifications in Mediumship and Reiki.

Lori has previously worked as a co-facilitator at the Child Protection Center with the S.A.T.P. program; she has organized guided meditation circles dedicated to sending healing energy to Gaia once a month; she has also previously worked as a massage therapist in Florida.